Green Card- Disneyland Paris

Disabled Green Card at Disneyland Paris

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This little green card was an absolute godsend!

When we entered the park we were advised to go to City hall which is located on Main street. I didn’t have to wait long at all and was greeted by a lovely lady who asked for a few details on Leo. I brought our blue badge with us and his DLA entitlement letter.

They asked if he could walk at all and get in and out of his wheelchair, He can get in and out of his wheelchair and he can walk short distances so she ticked the picture which best described his ability and then asked how many of us all together, which was 5 of us. She explained how the green card worked and we were on our way.

I advise you to get to your meet and greet early to book your slot as they only have a certain number of slots for a green card in the morning and new slots from 2 pm in the afternoon once they’re booked that’s it. My littlest is obsessed with Moana so we got to the studios early and made sure we got her booked first to make sure she got to meet her.

The first thing we used it on was Minnie mouse meet and greet, you take the green card to the cast member at the front and she/he has a clipboard with times on, you choose a time to come back in and they write the green card holders name in the slot. When you come back and it’s your time you literally are next to go and meet and greet, not just the card holder but everyone who is numbered on the card. This was brilliant we managed to do so many of them and use our photo pass. The only thing I was gutted about was our photos from Minnie mouse never loaded onto the photo pass and we forgot to go back and look for them, we asked a cast member and she handed me a little card of where to go and look up the photos and luckily one of the places was the gift shop in the hotel. unfortunately, we still forgot.

Regarding the rides, you go to the exit and the cast member will greet you, they will take your card and say the child’s name so the child answers ( think its just to make sure yours using it correctly) and give it back and take you to a special area allocated for green card holders. We managed to do most the rides queuing for less that 5 minutes for each ride. the only 2 rides we had to wait a little bit for I’d say a maximum of 15 minutes was thunder mountain and crush’s coaster which by the way was BRILLIANT.

There is also a wheelchair area to watch the parade which we never got to use as, to be honest, we forgot so didn’t check that one out but they do tell you where it’s at in the city hall.

If you or someone in your party is a wheelchair user and want to go and watch Dreams don’t bother trying to get close its ram jam and I had a panic attack, my little Leo was freaking out as we were literally gridlocked by the crowds he couldn’t see anything at all so we told him he would need to stand up on his wheelchair and hold our shoulders which he hated as his very unsteady but he managed to watch it all. so stick to the back you can still see it all.

My partner suffers from back problems and unfortunately hurt his back before we left so we had to hire a wheelchair, there was a 50 Euro deposit (don’t accept a hotel credit card btw so take cash) and then 20 Euro fee and the Pushchairs are just 20 Euro fee for the day. So we had me pushing Leo in his wheelchair with Lydia sitting on his lap then David self propelling himself In the hired wheelchair with Milly on his lap… HARD WORK then when David’s back felt better we hired a pushchair for Milly.  A lot of people have said that they have hired pushchairs and when they have come off a ride its been taken so maybe take a lock? however, you do have a big sign on the back with your surname in. We didn’t have a problem but we wedged it behind Leos wheelchair when we went on a ride.

I hope this helps 🙂

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  1. Clarel

    What fabulous photos. Thank you for the information regarding disabled uses, It will be invaluable for other people

      • Jennie

        Really helpful info thank you. We will have 2 greenpasses maybe 3, in out group so need as much info as poss THANK YOU.
        Wonderul photos ?

  2. Sam

    Thank you my daughter with cp wants to go and as a single mum terrified about the cost. Thanks xx

  3. Cheryl morgan

    Thank you for all the information really helpful can’t wait to go in Dec my grandaughter is booked in for princess for a day the day after we arrive and we have booked the photopass allready just for the princess package as it will pay for its self with all those pics from the photoshoot

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