25 ways to prevent your house from being burgled.

25 steps to keep your home secure

It has been 12 years since I had my house burgled and it still scared me to go out. I was at work and when I had returned home everything we had worked hard for was stolen, just like that. You can read my story here.

I Have since moved house 3 times and still get scared to go out when it gets dark just in case It happens again.

I wanted to put together some helpful tips to help keep your house and possessions secure and prevent this ever happening to you.

  • Get security alarms
  • Invest in Cctv camera’s
  • Smart water your possessions.
  • get a security light
  • If you have a dog then they are  good deterrents
  • Leave the tv on when you go out
  • Get a chain on your door and extra locks
  • Do not advertise you are going out by checking in on Social media or telling anyone that doesn’t need to know.
  • Keep windows and doors locked
  • Double and triple check doors and windows
  • Don’t leave valuable’s on show through windows
  • Hide your passport/Id in your house somewhere no one would think to look.
  • Do not leave your keys hanging near the door, a burglar could just use a rod to bring them through the letterbox. You are not insured if they get in this way.
  • Do not leave your keys under the mat when you go out.
  • Get contents insurance
  • Don’t leave your calendar in view of a window, the burglar will be able to see when you are out.
  • Join or start a neighbourhood watch
  • Get a bolt and padlock for your gate, get 2 to be extra cautious
  • Get trellis up on your fence
  • Keep your bushes trimmed near your doors, burglars can use this to hide in whilst they are breaking in.
  • Lock cat/dog flap when you go out.
  • Alternate which light you leave in when you go out.
  • Get someone to house sit so your house isn’t left empty whilst you are out.
  • Use controlled timers.
  • Get someone you trust to check in on your house and move your bins back if you are on holiday

Please don’t make your home vulnerable to thieves.

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  1. Kim Neville

    Very useful tips. Everyone needs to be more vigilant

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