Glam Goo Deluxe pack -Review

Make Slime Fashionable with Glam Goo!

Slime just got fashionable with Glam goo. With the Deluxe pack, you can carry your slime around with you in an attractive glitter purse and even wear a diamond shaped ring with your goo inside and no one would ever know (unless you showed them).

The Knight Tribe -Glam Goo Review

Whats in the box

  • Tub of (clear slime)  glam goo
  • Two sparkle colours-Electric Blue and Pinky Promise
  • One scent (Violet Vibes)
  • Three slime decorations (Cloud Crunch, Daydreams, and Unicorn Tears)
  • Mixing Spoon
  • Glitter Purse
  • Double ring

The Knight Tribe -Glam Goo Review

Fantasy Theme Pack comes with two wearable slime accessories (heart necklace and rainbow charm)

Includes a container of Glam Goo (clear slime), three slime decorations (Mermaid Wishes, Cosmic Dust, and Unicorn Fuzz), two shimmer colours (Mint Skies and Magic Hour) and one scent (Rose Mist).

Confetti Theme Pack comes with two wearable slime accessories (bow bracelet and bunny charm)

Includes a container of Glam Goo (fluffy slime), two slime decorations (Dance Mix and Rainbow Party), two shimmer colours (Have Fun and Happy) and one scent (So Peachy). Theme Packs sold separately.


Creating Glamourous Goo

This is right up Lydia’s street, She loves fashion and anything glittery and the fact she can carry her slime around in a glitter purse brings this to a whole new level.

The purse has 9 sections to make all sorts of different concoctions with a lid to cover them all so they don’t mix together when being carried around.  In the information guide, there are a few formulas you can try as well as making up your own and you can scent your goo with the Violet Vibes so it smells lush. Play with it to get into Zen mode or take your slime with you in your fashions!

Glam Goo has accessory packs which can be purchased separately and played together with the deluxe pack to make new and exciting goo. Start with clear or fluffy, mix in sparkles, fill your accessories and wear!

The Knight Tribe -Glam Goo Review


Would I buy this product?

Short answer, Yes I would. I think it is good value for what you get and the amount of fun Lydia had and has out of creating her own sparkly goo would make the price worth it. Glam goo is recommended for ages 6+

The Knight Tribe -Glam Goo Review

Glam Goo Deluxe pack retails at £29.99 and the accessory packs retail at £15.00 each

Available at all good toy stores

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***I was sent these products in return for a honest review on my blog***

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