How to Upcycle furniture


I first started upcycling a few years ago, I had been wanting to try it a while before that but I was to much of a chicken that I thought I would just mess it up.

My mental health was taking a dive so I needed to keep my mind occupied in the evening so I Started my first project which was a set of drawers I was given on a free site.

Since then I have completed various projects and its so easy to do and I’m going to tell you how.

  1. If you haven’t got any furniture in your house already that you want to paint have a look on Facebook gifting pages or selling pages, for a starter project I wouldn’t spend anymore than £5.
  2. Place a old sheet down.
  3. Wash it down with sugar soap which you can purchase from any DIY shop, I Buy wilko’s for £1.
  4. Unscrew any handles and keep them safe.
  5. Open your Chalk paint I use Rust oleum which comes in 3 different sizes 125ml, 750ml and 0.75L give it a good stir.

  1. Grab a paint brush and go for it, the paint is quite thick but I like it I just brush a little of back into the tin and usually I do 2 coats, however you can do it how ever you want to..
  2. For furniture with glass in I used to put masking tape around the edges to stop the paint going on to the glass but I stopped doing that after I did some corner units and realised a kitchen dinner knife wrapped in a baby wipe and wiped down the glass will take it of really easily.
  3. Chalk paint dries very quickly so no need to wait hours between coats.
  4. Use Rust oleum clear furniture wax to finish you only need a small amount on a clean cloth, if you use to much wax it dries thick and you can see it clumped.
  5. Screw any handles back on and clean the glass with glass cleaner and enjoy your new piece of furniture.

Here are a few of my projects I have completed.