Slimming world week 2

Wow so weigh in today and I have just completed week 2. So like last week I am doing a little update with what kind of meals I have been eating to hopefully help you.

I was going to weigh my milk and cheese out this week but I just totally forgot so again I winged it. I have really enjoyed this week and I am really enjoying my salads more than I thought I would, I am not tired during the day, I am not sluggish and a miserable grouchy little shit, I can get up and go and feel good about myself, which is  the main reason as well as wanting to fit back into my jeans why I am doing this.

I brought a lovely pair of size 8 jeans that currently right now cant get up past my thighs, these are my target jeans so as long as I fit into them comfortably I wont care what the scales say and I will be happy.

So this week I lost

1.5LBS total loss in 2 weeks is 3.5LBS

I know it doesn’t seem a lot but I am very happy with my loss this week, I am even more happier that I am enjoying it more this time around. So this week here is a few things I have ate.

My heB which is my wholemeal bread (1slice folded)  Bacon with the fat cut off, fried egg fried with fry-light, no butted as I had a little bit of brown sauce which is 1syn for 1 level tbsp.

I hate soggy cereal so again I had my delicious poached egg on toast, I cant bring myself to add spinach to it first thing in the morning so no speed food here. but free using Heb and 3syns for my butter as I do measure 25g(9syns) of butter out and use it over 3 days.

mmmmm my big breakfast, I love my English breakfast and only 3syn each for the sausages and 3syn for my butter.

This week I want to try baked oats and overnight oats and will post photos next weeks.

Lunch and Dinner

Tuna salad was just so so good. Spinach, cucumber, grated cheese (HEA) blueberries ,  Raspberries, boiled egg, tin of tuna, tinned sweetcorn.

Pasta bolognaise – this is our family favourite and is soo quick to make click here for my own slimming world recipe that I use.

Now this was AMAZING I just made my own cottage pie using suede and carrot for the top and 5% mince, garlic, chopped onion, tin of baked beans, 3 oxo cubes and cup of boiling water, some frozen mixed veg. I then cooked some cauliflower and courgette on the side. this didn’t take long at all as I buy my onions chopped and my garlic chopped as I simply don’t have the time to stand and chop up a ton of vegetation. Completely free and cheese is HEA

Go to  Iceland and all the Free slimming world food are marked which is awesome!

Now this was soo good I almost forgot to take a photograph haha.

Smoked salon, cous cous, red onion, sweet peppers and spinach. I enjoyed every bite of this. AMAZING and free

Aldi Brooklea strawberry light fat free yoghurt. I added strawberries for speed food and jazzed it up with light squirty cream which is 1.5 syn for 12.5g .




Now this week I will be trying sw doner kebab and sw chips, tonight I prepped some sweet potatoe chips. I par boiled them, drained them and let them cool spaced out on a baking tray and put them in the freezer to freeze, and then I transferred it into a bag so they wouldn’t stick together ( thanks mumma bear for the tip)

I really hope you have enjoyed my update this week.

Look out for next week and reciped that I am slowly adding to these meals I am posting.