Slimming World weekly update

Week 1


I joined Slimming world last week, I did it 2 years ago and lost 2 stone but these last 6 months I have put on a stone from overeating. I have felt awful, tired all the time, grumpy, spotty skin and just damn right miserable. I Suffer badly with Anxiety and due to being so stressed about everything I started to over eat.

In the evenings I would have a big bag of toffee popcorn, doughnuts, crisps, chocolate, Kebab I would alternate on what I had each evenings, I got lazy and started to buy pizza’s and use jar sauces again, and biscuits I love dunking chocolate biscuits in my cuppa T.

Enough was enough I’m the kind of person I will moan and groan about stuff until it gets to breaking point and then I get off my ass and do something about it. So last week I put all my emotions aside and joined back. First of all just being in a group made me feel better again and talking to adults.  This wasn’t just for me but for my family too.


Week 1

Well Tuesday after weigh in it didn’t go to well as I had a shed load of crap still left in my cupboards that needed eating like Cadburys choc fingers which I did share between 4 of us.

Last time I weighed out my milk and cheese and put them in containers but this week I just didn’t have time so I guesstimated.

I stocked up on Hifi bars, fruit and vegetables and started fresh Wednesday morning.

Here are just a few Idea’s of what I have eaten this week to get my


12lbs to go


I love Poached egg and this is perfect for me in the morning, bread is my HeB and the eggs are free and Butter is 3syns

I also love scrambled egg and spaghetti hoops on their own and that way I can have 2 Hifi bars for my HeB instead of having to syn them.

I also LOVE a English breakfast in the morning. Bacon is free if you cut the fat off, Eggs are free, beans are free, I brought Aldi’s Ashford farm reduced fat sausages at 3 syns each but worth it… I am going to try the slimming world free sausages this week so I can save 6 syns for something else. My toast is HEB and butter is 3 but to be honest I could of done without butter on this and just used the bean sauce and saved myself 3 syn. This kept me full for hours.



Aldi fat free strawberry yoghurt is delicious and free, add strawberries and you have added speed food which makes it even better.

These chocolatey bad boys are to die for, Oh my god they are delish and only 4 syns each.

Speed food Apple and yummy Hifi bar 3syns or use 2 as HeB

I love snacking on raspberries and blackberries and they are free foods too and are speed food.

Lunch’s and Dinner’s



mmm Aldi salmon fillet with pasta, peas and Spinach all completely free foods with spinach being a speed food.

Roasted Vegetables and roasted potatoes with Steak. all free apart from the extra light mayonnaise.

I have thoroughly enjoyed eating salads again too even my kids eat it RESULT.


This new week I will be measuring my milk and cheese and seeing how that goes and I have set a mini target of just 1lb loss as I’m quite happy taking it slow.

I have thoroughly enjoyed everything I have eaten this week with a few extra treats and I have not been hungry at all.

Week 2 I will update on Tuesday.