Being Burgled

It still feels so raw for me being burgled nearly 12 years on.

My son was 11 months old back In November 2006 and I had an evening cleaning job which only took a few hours to do.

The Burglary

As I opened the front door with a key when I returned home from work, I felt a cold breeze blow past me and I felt SICK and scared to walk in any further. My partner at the time walked through the hall, it was cold and messy, we walked into the dining room and our French doors had been smashed in.

I instantly thought FUCK someone has been in or is still in our house and we called the Police straight away and didn’t touch anything they took a while to get to us.

We went upstairs to have a look and all our drawers had been raided, I had a huge collection of perfume which was also stolen.  Our Tv was taken, Laptop, all my gold and Leo’s dad’s gold was stolen and then I turned to a wardrobe, a wardrobe where all of Leo’s 1st Christmas presents and 1st birthday presents had been wrapped and stored, they were all stolen and I was devastated.

It had been Leo’s dads birthday a few days before and I had brought him a new console at the time with some games and other gifts and they were all stolen too.

My friend was round and has left her handbag at mine whilst we went to my cleaning job (she kept me company in the car) her bag was stolen with her phone, keys and purse. A huge money box was taken amongst other possessions.

The one thing that upset me the most apart from the scumbag/s who broke into our home was that they took all of Leo’s presents, it really gutted me and then I got angry. Fortunately for us, we had contents insurance and we called them the next day and they advised us to make a list of everything that was stolen so we did just that.

A week later someone from the insurance company came around to go through our list and asked me to provide receipts or photographic evidence of everything that was stolen. We tried our best to go through photos of us wearing jewellery, or the tv /laptop in the background of a photograph.

Leo’s presents were recent and luckily I had all the receipts for them. If we didn’t have photo’s or receipts and if they were a gift like many of my perfume’s were then we had to have a signed letter from who bought it and how much and where from which was a pain in the arse.

A few weeks later we did receive an insurance payout which covered jewellery, perfume, console games, Leo’s presents etc and they replaced our tv and laptop with a newer upgraded version and covered the new windows for the French doors.

I have never felt so violated as I did that evening it was horrible and it has stayed with me as raw as the night it happened 12 years on, I couldn’t sleep at night for months because I was scared they would come back. I don’t go out at night in the winter as its dark and I’m scared of walking in to smashed windows again, if I do pluck the courage to go out I never open the door first, David has too.

Now I will make any excuse not to leave the house when it gets dark.

I check my windows, and doors obsessively before I go out, I then drive back to check them again. and 12 years on I am still traumatised and sick to my stomach every time I come into my own house.

If we didn’t have the contents insurance this horrible experience would have been even worse. So for god sake please check your doors and windows a million times if you have to.

Don’t post about your stuff on social media or broadcast a holiday. A number of times I have seen people do this is unreal.

Nowadays when we get the chance to go away I will get a housesitter or I would not go anywhere.

Contents insurance isn’t expensive please don’t risk it.


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