Prevent your home from being burgled by following 25 informative steps.

Here are some of my top tips to prevent yourself from being a victim of burglary

Twelve years It has been since having my home burgled whilst I was at work. This occurrence is still extremely raw to me today and will always live with me for the rest of my life and even though I will never be able to eradicate it from my memories, I can use this incident to prevent it from happening to anyone else. No-one deserves to have what they have worked hard for, stolen from them like that.

I have carefully collated a list of helpful preventive measures on which you can take to make your home as safe and secure as possible and less attractive to thieves.

  1. Get your self a decent security system.
  2. Invest in video doorbells and cameras – Statistics show that cc-tv systems are an extremely effective deterrent. 
  3. Smart water your possessions.
  4. A security light-Most cc-tv camera’s come with a spotlight on integrated. Light those criminals up!
  5. Dogs are great deterrents but if you don’t have one, fake it. Buy a beware of the dog sign/sticker so they think you do.
  6. Leave the tv on when you go out or buy a timer to switch them on at certain times.
  7. Get a chain on your door and extra locks – We have so many locks on our doors.
  8. Do not advertise you are going out by checking in on Social media or telling anyone that doesn’t need to know. You can always post photo’s when your home.
  9. Keep windows and doors locked.
  10. Double and triple check doors and windows.
  11. Do not leave valuable’s on show through windows.
  12. Hide your passport/Id in your house somewhere no one would think to look.
  13. Do not leave your keys hanging near the door, a thief could use a rod to bring them through the letterbox. You are not insured if they get in this way.
  14. Do not leave your keys under the mat or a pot when you go out. Buy a key lock box if you can not leave a key with a trusted neighbour.
  15. Invest in contents insurance- Ours is around £12 a month.
  16. Don’t leave your calendar in view of a window, the burglar will be able to see when you are out.
  17. Join or start a neighbourhood watch.
  18. Get a bolt and padlock for your gate, get two to be extra cautious.
  19. Install trellis up on your fence, make it harder for them to try and jump over.
  20. Keep your bushes trimmed near your doors, burglars can use this to hide in whilst they are breaking in.
  21. Lock cat/dog flap when you go out.
  22. Alternate which light you leave on when you go out.
  23. Get someone to house sit so your house isn’t left empty whilst you are out.
  24. Use controlled timers for lights.
  25. Get someone you trust to check in on your house and move your bins back if you are on holiday.


    If you are interested in reading about our burglary, you can do so by clicking here.


Please don’t make your home vulnerable to thieves.

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  1. Kim Neville

    Very useful tips. Everyone needs to be more vigilant

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