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Brussels Delights: Experience Belgian Charm with Exclusive Holiday Packages

Sponsored post Belgium, often referred to as the “Heart of Europe,” is a charming and picturesque country known for its rich history, stunning architecture, delectable chocolates, and, of course, its iconic Belgian waffles. Nestled at…

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Preppy Christmas gift guide for tweens

Products with a * before the item description have been gifted.

This year feels a bit different because the girls are now getting older and don’t really play with toys anymore. It’s all about skincare, make-up and bracelets however, at 11 and 9 years old I feel they are still to young to be introducing make-up. This years gift guide is quite exciting and I have really enjoyed Christmas shopping this year.

Some bits maybe a bit late to order now to arrive in time for Christmas but you can always make a note for a birthday.

Hot water bottle – B&M £8.00 each

Christmas Tween gift guide

Preppy lockable notebooks – Home Bargains £2.99 each

Christmas Tween gift guide

Snuddie – Primark £10.00

Wednesday Diamond art –Temu £4.48

Item number : JB15168

Christmas Tween gift guide

Miniature So…? body mist – B&M £3.00

Christmas Tween gift guide

Facemask and headband set – Home Bargains £3.49

Christmas Tween gift guide

Claybead sets and bead spinner – Temu From £0.87-£10.48

LU16840 BU33282

Christmas Tween gift guide

Alcohol pen set and sketchbook – B&M £20.00 and £4.00

Christmas Tween gift guide

30 Piece Lipgloss set – B&M £7.00

Christmas Tween gift guide

Boba bag and lip balms – Home Bargains £7.00 and £2.00

Christmas Tween gift guide

Simple skincare – Savers, Face pads -Primark from £2.00

Simple (

Christmas Tween gift guide

Instax mini 12 iridescent camera case – Temu £9.98

Item number : NY35973

Christmas Tween gift guide

Louis Vuitton purse – Saramart £9.81 each

Christmas Tween gift guide

Kids against maturity – Vinted £7.00

Christmas Tween gift guide

*New phone who dis? Game – £19.99

Christmas Tween gift guide

*What do you Meme? – £19.99

Christmas Tween gift guide

If you want some handy saving tips for Christmas 2024, click here to read my blog post.

How to Shop for Christmas Efficiently – 2023 Guide

*This is a collaborative post*

The most wonderful time of the year is just around the corner, meaning it is time to spread joy through the magic of gift-giving. However, with the hustle and bustle of the holiday season, navigating crowded stores and managing a long shopping list can be overwhelming. Fear not! This article will guide you through the art of efficient Christmas shopping, ensuring a stress-free and enjoyable experience for you and your loved ones.

Why Is Christmas Shopping So Stressful?

Navigating Christmas shopping stress is a common challenge for many. The bustling stores, rising costs, reliance on credit cards, soaring expectations, and the ticking clock can contribute to the overwhelming pressure of the festive season.

Here’s why Christmas shopping tends to be so stress-inducing:

  1. Stores are more crowded than ever.
  2. Costs are rising, leading many to resort to credit cards, often with negative consequences for the following year.
  3. Expectations are continually escalating, with people wanting more each year.
  4. Time is in short supply, making the quest for the perfect gift overwhelming.

To ease the strain, consider these tips, each designed to chip away at the stress, bit by bit.

How to Shop for Christmas Stress-Free

Plan Ahead

Start by making a list of the people you need to buy gifts for. Jot down some gift ideas next to each name to streamline your shopping process.

After all, Santa puts effort into crafting a detailed list each year for a good reason – it streamlines holiday shopping. Rather than relying on memory, use the Santa’s Bag app to keep all your gifts, from ready-made purchases to brilliant ideas, organized by the recipient. Rest easy knowing it’s password-protected, so curious kids won’t peek when you’re not around.

Maintain control over your spending by either crafting a basic spreadsheet or utilizing a budgeting app. This simple step will keep you organized, prevent overspending, and guarantee that you don’t miss anyone on your gift list.

Having a plan will help you stay focused and avoid last-minute panic.

Set a Budget

Determine how much you’re willing to spend on gifts overall and allocate a specific amount for each person on your list. This will not only keep your spending in check but also help you prioritize your purchases.

Embrace Online Shopping

Take advantage of the digital era by doing a portion of your shopping online. Many websites offer great deals and discounts during the holiday season, allowing you to save time and money. In fact, there are even discount offers on lottery tickets! Plus, you can do it all from the comfort of your home!

Utilize Gift Guides

If you’re struggling to find the perfect gift, consult online or in-store gift guides. These curated lists can provide inspiration and help you discover unique and thoughtful presents for your loved ones.

Shop During Off-Peak Hours

Avoid the chaos of crowded malls by shopping during off-peak hours. Weekday mornings or evenings are typically less crowded, allowing you to easily navigate the stores and find what you need without the holiday rush.

Take Advantage of Sales and Promotions

Keep an eye out for sales, discounts, and promotions. Many retailers offer special deals during the holiday season, so take advantage of these opportunities to stretch your budget further.

Consider DIY Gifts

Tap into your creative side by making some DIY gifts. Handmade presents add a personal touch and show that you’ve put thought and effort into creating something special for your loved ones.

Wrap as You Go

Instead of spending hours wrapping gifts in one sitting, wrap them as you buy them. This small, manageable task can be done gradually, reducing the stress of a last-minute wrapping marathon.

Support Small Businesses in Your Area

We firmly believe in championing small businesses. Give “shopping small” a shot on the Saturday following Thanksgiving. It not only gives a lift to your local economy but also increases your chances of discovering one-of-a-kind gifts for your dear ones.

Factor in Shipping and Delivery Times

As many folks will be turning to online shopping to check off their loved ones’ Christmas wishes, keep in mind the possibility of unexpected shipping delays when making your purchases. It’s wise to order gifts promptly when they come to mind rather than procrastinating until the eleventh hour. If a gift happens to be running late, no worries – simply print out a picture to tuck into their card, letting them know it’s on its way.

Enjoy the Process

Remember, the holiday season is about joy and giving. Embrace the festive spirit, and don’t let the stress of shopping overshadow the joy of celebrating with your loved ones. Take breaks, treat yourself, and make it a fun experience!

Final words

Efficient Christmas shopping is all about planning, budgeting, and enjoying the process. By following these simple tips, you can easily navigate the holiday season, ensuring that your gifts are thoughtful, your budget is intact, and your celebrations are filled with warmth and joy.

The Hamper and gift Co

Everyone loves a sweet treat, don’t they? As an adult, I don’t buy myself sweets anymore because nothing really catches my fancy like it did when I was younger. I do, however, love chocolate and I often forget fudge exists.

We received a beautiful hamper to try and it arrived packaged well and in a stunning real wicker hamper with a silver clasp which we can then reuse when we are finished. I went for the chocolate and fudge hamper because I always forget how much I love fudge and it was delightful. Me and my partner kept it hidden from the kids and snuck it out when they were in bed to eat whilst watching a film together. It was a lovely treat for us both.

I am always stuck with gifting ideas when it comes to buying for friends and family, especially adults because they usually buy whatever it is they want. You cannot go wrong with a sweet hamper. Diabetic? No, probs! They offer a sugar-free hamper option so they can still enjoy the sweet treats.

  • The Hamper and gift co
  • The Hamper and gift co
  • The Hamper and gift co

The Hamper and Gift Co. is an online company run by two brothers, Lev and Caner who started their company in 2017. Together they have created these wonderful hampers containing sweets, chocolate, fudge, and licorice whilst also considering dietary requirements for those who are gluten-free, Sugar-free, or Vegan so that everybody can enjoy them.

Whether you just want to cheer somebody up or it’s a special birthday, new home, thank you, a corporate event or even if you want something customised then The Hamper and Gift Co have you covered.

Their prices start from as little as £13 for the gift boxes and for real wicker hampers it’s between £32 – £100 depending on the size and quantity inside.

Free UK delivery and you add a free gift message.

Why choosing the right Cosmetic Dentist for your journey is Important.

My Cosmetic Dental Journey experience with Kish Patel at March Dental Surgery

Finding the right dentist is paramount when deciding to have cosmetic dental treatment and you should really take your time to do your research, look through their portfolio’s and if you can, speak to their previous patients to get an honest account of their experience.

This is why I find Instagram so helpful, I follow all of my local dentists so that I could see their work as they uploaded them to the grid. The makeovers look incredible but they just are not the aesthetic look that I want.

Scrolling through social media, I come across a dentist called Kish Patel who is based at March Dental surgery which is a 70 mile round trip from where I live. It was a year before I reached out to him to enquire about my own journey as I needed to be certain that he would be the right man for the job.

I sent him a message on Instagram with photos of my teeth asking if he would be able to make my teeth look as good as his other patients. His work is insane! Kish was completely honest with me and said from looking at photos and the Xray’s that I had a complex case and gave me a rough idea of what treatment I would need and the costs.

Feeling overwhelmed from hearing this I lost all hope again of ever achieving my dream smile and got on with my life for a short while. In that time, I had got myself a new job and Kish’s work kept popping up all over my Instagram pushing me into finally booking a consultation after a year+ of making my first contact with him.

My cosmetic dental consultation could not come quick enough. I was eager to see how much this would cost me or if it was even achievable, as I could appreciate it was hard for Kish to really say without seeing my teeth in person. When I first met Kish It was like I was meeting a celebrity, I had followed him for such a long time and idolised his work. Now here I was, sitting in his dentist chair waiting to find out if I too would be part of his exceptional portfolio of cosmetic dental work.

Fortunately for me, my teeth were already straight because of previously having braces and double jaw surgery which would save ALOT of time and money.

My Cosmetic dental treatment plan consisted of:

  • Teeth whitening
  • Gum lift
  • 4 new crowns
  • Re-root canal
  • 7 Composite veneers

One of my biggest insecurities was my lateral incisor which was considerably smaller than the other side and made my smile look wonky. At the consultation, Kish temporarily built up my front teeth and my lateral incisor to show me of what can be achieved with composite. I could not believe the difference.

What I love about March Dental surgery and Kish is that I had my treatment plan and prices emailed to me the same day. They are transparent in the costs and you are not hit with any surprise charges during treatment.

We started with teeth whitening and I decided to go for the in office package which is called Enlighten Smile because it guarantees the shade B1 to make sure I get to the shade I want to go. It is also known to be the best whitening set with minimum sensitivity.

Next was my gum lift- My right lateral incisor is a crown that is over twenty years old and it was very small in comparison to the left one, I had the gum above it lasered to the same height as the other side in preparation for my new crown which would come later. The treatment was over with very quickly.

After I had healed from the gum lift which was pain free and took two weeks, I was booked in for my composite veneers. This appointment was long and exhilarating and more importantly, life changing. Not long after that I had come back to have my brand new crowns replaced and then my moulds taken for my whitening trays and retainers to keep my teeth in place.

Overall thoughts

I sat down to work out how many appointments I had attended, miles I had driven, how any hours sat in that dentist chair and this in the conclusion.

  • Over 11 private dentist appointments
  • Over 700 miles driven
  • Over 8 Hours in the dentist chair between Kish and the Endodontist

Every hour, mile and appointment was worth it. My results speak for themselves and Kish is the best at what he does. This was the last leg of my teeth journey and it was extremely important to me that I took my time and picked the right dentist for the job who would give me the Colgate smile I had so desperately dreamed of and Kish excelled.

I can honestly say that I have been treat so well by Kish and his personal assistant Natalie who was my first point of call, she was always there to answer my questions and trust me, I had a lots of questions. Every appointment I needed for my entire treatment was booked in advance with no hiccups.

If you are looking for or are considering an exceptional Cosmetic dentist to give you the smile you have only every dreamt about then Kish is the professional for you. He takes great pride in his work and most importantly, listens to what you want. It really shines through in his patients and myself, he has changed my life and given me so much confidence.