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FabLab Nail art Deluxe by Interplay

***Disclosure – I was kindly sent this product, All pictures and opinions are my own*** We get so excited when a new product comes out, especially if its to do with hair and beauty. FabLab…

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Girls4Girls Beauty product review

***Disclosure – I was kindly sent these products, All pictures and opinions are my own***

Girls4Girls is a young girl’s beauty brand who is a big believer of girls supporting girls.  All of their products are cruelty-free and pocket money friendly, sparkly (planet-friendly glitter), fruity and fun.

They recently got in touch with us and sent the girls the most amazing beauty boxes each to try out, just in time for Christmas!

My girls love anything sweet-smelling and sparkly and these beauty products tick every box, even the products names are fun, inspiring and motivational. They have a great selection from makeup, body mists, hand gels, cooling masks, lip scrubs, to body shimmer gel and Unicorn glitter goo which is AMAZING by the way.

I usually find with young girls makeup that the pigment isn’t very good and you can barely see the colour when you put it on but with Girls4Girls the pigment is fantastic and they love that they can actually see what they’re putting on their face and oh my gosh the highlighter, WOW! The pigment really makes your cheeks glow.

If you are looking for good quality, affordable, sweet-smelling makeup or beauty products for a young girl then check out their website or you can find their products instore or online at Superdrug. You can also find them over on Instagram.



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AD | Christmas party food with Jacks Superstore

2020 has been a very tough year for everyone, we have all pretty much had to stay inside for most of it and a lot of people had already started to prepare early for Christmas this year. Trees were being taken out of lofts as soon as the clock struck midnight on the 1st of November.

In a typical year, our tree wouldn’t usually go up until the second week of December but because of the circumstances, I wanted to really enjoy this month with my family so we joined the “party” and put ours up on the 1st of December.

I did another first and visited Jacks superstore which is part of the Tesco family to see what they had to offer. I had absolutely no idea what it was going to be like and was pleasantly surprised. I spent £40 and filled two big shopping baskets full to the brim with food for all the family, including our fur babies.

My mission that day was to throw a small Christmas party to celebrate the start of December and the countdown to Christmas, and thanks to Jacks, I was able to not only put on an amazing platter of party food that the kids (and I) absolutely loved, but there was so much food that I also had plenty of leftovers after. This made David happy as he could snack on them the whole of the next day.

Every Christmas David and I love chilling watching movies with some crisps, occasionally some popcorn, but most importantly some lovely cheese and crackers. Jacks offers a decent selection, but more than that I was able to pick up a lovely cheese board, with slates you can name the cheese on for display (when you are able to have guests round again), a large box of various crackers, and some poinsettias for our coffee table.

I just couldn’t, and still can’t, believe how low the prices are in Jacks, and without affecting the quality. Jacks pride themselves on having great tasting food at the lowest possible prices and that is exactly how it felt when I was in there. They also have the middle aisle for non-food items which is where I picked up my £4.00 Slate cheese board mentioned above, the best cheese board I’ve had, a pack of 14 Christmas crackers, and my poinsettias.

If you have never been and are looking for some amazing party food on a budget, Jacks can offer you a wide selection to manage pretty much any party without breaking the bank to do it.


*This is a sponsored post

The One for the Friends fans – Gift Guide

I had never really sat down and watched Friends properly before and by properly I mean, in order until I met my partner. He would put it on on a Saturday and literally watch it back to back. I would be getting on with housework and I would always get distracted by it and before I knew it a few hours had passed with me glued to the TV. He would, and still does, often refer to the little sayings from the show that I didn’t understand until recently when I started watching more of the show. For example, when we moved our sofa or furniture when getting new carpets he would shout “Pivot! Pivot!” or when he came home and said “Hi Babe!” and I’d reply all miserably he would say “ALRIGHT ROSS?!”. Now the little sayings just slot in naturally day to day.

With that said, we have been sent fantastic beauty products from Paladone to showcase for you and they are all Friends themed.

Central Perk Bath Crumble – Caramel Toffee scented £6.99

Who doesn’t love a sweet-scented bath? This bath crumble has hints of Vanilla that will create a creamy sweet bubbly bath foam, blended with Shea butter, it will moisturise and soften skin too.

Friends Hand Sanitiser £6.99

Keep the germs out and bring in Friends with the Monica Clean Gel Hand Sanitiser. This hand sanitiser won’t dry out hands and the aloe extract makes the formula gentle on hands and prevents them from drying out, making it perfect for the office, classroom, home, or anywhere else.

I’d rather be watching Friends Ylang Ylang bath fizzers   £7.99

Break off a chunk or two of the “I’d Rather Be Watching Friends” Bath Bar, add to warm water, and unwind in a deliciously scented relaxing bath. Suitable for all skin types. Mango and Ylang Ylang are delicately blended to create a uniquely exotic fragrance that will stimulate your senses as you let the stress of the day float away.

I’d rather be watching Friends Golden Raspberry and Honeysuckle scented Bath crystals     £6.99

Pour a handful of bath crystals into the tub under running hot water for a deliciously scented bath. Featured in a Friends branded bottle, it will delight fans of the show. The honeyed apricot scent of Golden Raspberry combines beautifully with the fruity and slightly citrus Honeysuckle to create a sweet, uplifting, light fragrance to stimulate the senses.

Friends Body Butter and Body Polish

When used as part of your daily cleansing routine, this Friends Honeysuckle and Rose Body Butter will nourish your skin keeping it soft and wonderfully hydrated throughout the day. With a honeysuckle and rose scent, this uplifting, light floral body butter comes in a jar packed in a box with Friends artwork and Joey’s famous saying How You Doin’?

The Friends Body Butter is priced at £5,99 and the Friends Body Polish is priced at £7.99

Friends Tip to Toe Collection – Body wash and Hand Balm    £9.99

Delight fans of Friends with the Tips to Toes collection, a body wash and hand balm set that features icons from the popular sitcom, including lobsters and Monica’s peephole frame.

On the go moisturiser, ideal for your purse, gym bag, or backpack for providing on the go moisture. Each ingredient has been chosen for its unique properties that will nourish and protect your hands

Friends Coffee Mug and x2 Hand Cream      £11.99

This one is my personal favourite out of the collection. My hands have been so dry and in this weather, all I want to do is drink tea or hot chocolate (not a coffee fan my self), so this is the perfect combo for me and would make an amazing gift.


And there we have it, this is just a small selection of what Paladone have to offer. These products are going to make excellent gifts for some of my family and I will be keeping some back for myself too as a treat.  You can find the complete Friends beauty range at their Amazon Store.


Disclosure – I was kindly sent these products to showcase on my blog. All pictures and opinions are my own.




AD | Twisty Girlz-Transforming doll to bracelet-Review

*Ad-gifted- We received this product in return for this post, all thought and opinions are our own.

I remember the first time I saw the Twisty-petz range by spinmaster, it was a few years ago and I just knew that my two little ladies would adore them. We got them in our Blog on goody bag and we loved them so much that we even brought them as presents for when the girls got invited to parties. I was so excited to see that now they had brought out these new fashionable Twisty-girlz range.

What are Twisty-girlz?

Twisty-girlz are fashion dolls that transform into a super cute collectable bracelet. There are 8 to collect in the series ranging from common, rare and super rare, each doll comes with a lead, a mystery pet and a collectors guide.

Emily has been soo excited to rip the packaging of this new toy and see what she’s all about. She loves her dolls and she loves her jewellery so this is the perfect combination for her. She unboxed ‘GLITZY BITZY’ with her pet unicorn and Lydia unboxed ‘KRYSTAL KOOL’ with her pet kitty cat, both are common.


The twisty girls disconnect at the torso and skirt and all you have to do is connect the ends. Each girl comes with a detachable lead for their pet, you can wear your bracelet with the lead attaching to the ring or without it, it’s up to you.

Our thoughts on the new Twisty-girlz

The girls love them, there’s no doubt about that. Like I said earlier, Milly is a big doll fan and she loves playing with them in their original form but also loves taking them around the house as a bracelet. It took her a little practise on how to put the doll back together but once it twigged it was easy. They would make brilliant stocking fillers this Christmas. They are aimed at children aged 4 years + and are available from toy retailers, including Smyths, Argos and The entertainer.