My Mermaid Lagoon

My 5 year old and 3 year old daughters are very creative little ladies, They love making things and using their imagination especially when mermaids are involved.   Both girls love collecting and playing with anything pink, magical and sparkly, so when I was sent a My Mermaid Lagoon I knew they would really enjoy this product.

Whats in the box

• 1 x Display Bottle Base
• 1 x Display Bottle Lid
• 1 X Display Bottle Stopper
• 1 x Coral Mermaid Figure
• 1 x Mermaid Shell
• 1 x Seahorse Figure & Stand
• 1 x Trident
• 4 x Sand Moulds – 4 Different Designs
• 4 x Seaweed and Corals
• 1 x Bag of Magic Sand
• Colour Activity Booklet

As you can hopefully make out from my photo’s the sand is also sparkly.

The activity booklet illustrates a step by step guide, I must admit that I didn’t read it and wondered how some of the bits stayed upright as they kept falling over. There are actually little holes in the base where you stick them into so they stand up right oopsie.

After placing everything where they wanted them to go they popped the display lid on and admired their little creation. What makes this product even better is you can take your mermaid out and about with you in the clamshell so they can show her off to all their friends.

My mermaid lagoon is aimed at age 4+ and you can buy it from Interplay for £16.99




*** I received this product in return for an honest review***


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  1. Clarel Clarke

    You are so good with the children encouraging them to use their imagination. This is so lacking in the modern child which is a shame really.

    The hours of fun I had on my own with only my imagination to play with when I was a child. We didn’t have television, ipads or anything else. My dog and my bicycle were my ‘props’.

    Thank you Jo for helping others to encourage them to let your children use their imaginations.

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