Have A Great Night Sleep With a Simba Mattress

*We received the Simba Hybrid mattress in return for an honest review

When you think about it, we spend roughly a third of our day (for some of our teenagers, definitely longer) in our beds.

I am fortunate enough to get through thirty-six years of my life without having any back problems, for which I am extremely thankful, however, there are a large amount of people who do struggle with back and limb pain problems and dread going to bed at night because they just can’t get comfortable, my partner for one suffers with a thinned disc and has struggled for a while.

Leo, my eighteen-year-old son, has a physical disability called Cerebral Palsy which mainly affects his lower limbs and because of that, it also takes its toll on his posture. I had never really given much thought to mattresses and would just buy a standard one, layered with mattress toppers and the kids were usually fine.

Leo’s condition means that it affects his muscles and for Leo to function mentally and physically during the day it is vital for him to have a decent, good night’s sleep. As Leo is getting older, and growing, the changes to his body have meant that the standard mattresses we were getting were just not adequate, and Leo was complaining that it was becoming more uncomfortable for him, so we knew it was time to get him a good, high quality mattress, which would give him all the support for him during the night.

I am confident to assume that everyone has heard of Simba or knows someone who owns one of their award-winning mattresses, you only need to type Simba Sleep into a search engine and there are pages upon pages of good reviews to read through. But let’s talk about Leo’s review.

First of all, delivery was quick, within two days from the order, and the process was very straight forward. We were given details and updates all the way from the time of dispatch to the minute it arrived at the door. Leo has a single bed, so the mattress is easier to manoeuvre but I would still suggest two people being on hand to move it as is still quite heavy. The mattress comes rolled up and vacuum sealed so it is super compact in the box which did help to make it easier to move it on to the bed.

Once you open the sealed bag, the mattress expands instantly and fills the bed and the packaging information suggests leaving it for between 3-6 hours before sleeping on it. At time of arrival, we were able to leave it for about 5 hours before Leo needed to sit on it, as it does also double as his gaming location (for his console).

You do not need to flip this mattress over however, you will need to rotate it once a month for the first 3 months and then every 3 to 6 months but don’t worry too much about remembering when to rotate it because Simba will email you to remind you for the first 4 reminders. I love this because I am forgetful and I did forget until they emailed me to do so. I plan on setting an alert on my phone when the reminders stop.

I had to have a go on the mattress myself to see what it was like and I would say that the Mattress feels medium to firm, and since Leo started using his new mattress, he has had nothing but praise for it and looks forward to going to sleep at night (well, as much as any teenager would). However, he does wake up feeling good and his muscles do not feel as tight as they felt before with his old mattress.

We have had our Simba mattress now for around six weeks and in Leo’s words, “I look forward to going to bed and being comfortable. I feel refreshed in the mornings and ready for the day, it’s strange how having a decent mattress can impact your day so positively”, and he has certainly been noticeably happier waking up in the morning since the change. And as an added bit of information, if you use fitted bed sheets then I do recommend you buy a deeper sheet for a better fit.

Soft, breathable-cover
The soft, knitted sleep surface zips off for washing.

Simba offers a 200-night trial so you can give it a really good test before you decide if you want to keep it. That is how confident they are that you will love their product, they even come with a 10-year guarantee* How awesome is that?

You can also sign up for their newsletter and receive 15% off.

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  1. Clarel Clarke

    Good to hear that both you and Leo are getting the sleep you need.

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