Hated school today

I feel depressed today and I hated today at school…

Today at my school at 1:45 pm I tripped over my walker and fell. I broke my glasses so I’m blind as a bat and I have a bruise on top of my eye and I cut the side of my eye.

I hate that I fall over a lot and now I am getting older I really hurt myself. I even get hurt by my splints when I fall over, that’s why I hate my splints and today. #worstdayever in the comments please (to cheer me up). this photo is where my splint dug into the back of my knee

I’m going to end this post with this: >:(




  1. Granma

    #worsedayever . Aw Leo. It makes me so sad to read this. I know how hard it is for you to navigate round school at the moment, the cold weather just makes it worse. When your mum was little and had bad days like this l used to ask her to try and find three things that also happened today that made her happy… Why not try that

  2. Joan

    Hi Leo, I’m really enjoying your posts. My daughter has cp and your insight is really helpful for me as a Mam. Please keep posting and I hope you have a better day tomorrow!

  3. SOFI

    Bless you 🙁 My boy is 7 and had SD cerebral palsy & had SDR in March 2015. It must be so, so hard for you to cope with sometimes. You are an absolute inspiration…….chin up beautiful boy! Sadly, the bumps & bruises are all too common……the falls, the broken glasses and the cuts included! Without even knowing it, you achieve so much more than other children everyday, especially with literally everything being so much more difficult in everyway possible. It is so hard as a mummy to watch my son go through what he does & I can only imagine how hard every day really is for you, for him & every other person with CP. Truely, I burst with pride at the things my son does & also struggles to do everyday……things that other people completely miss & take for granted. You’re angels & people will look up to you and really admire you for all that you do. Stay strong, persevere & show the world what you’re made of 🙂 !! Don’t let CP dull your sparkle………shine bright ?!!!

  4. Janet Simper

    Hi Leo sorry you had a bad day, miss you lots from Abigail xxx

  5. Sara

    You know what, sweetheart, if you didn’t have bad days you wouldn’t appreciate the good days quite so much. It’s a bit of a cliche but it is true. Bad days still suck, though…at least they only last for 24hours! xx

  6. Ben Sutcliffe

    Leo, we all have bad days mate. We all fall over. We all feel like poo. What makes you strong is not giving up. Looking at tomorrow as a new day and one where great things can happen. You might not know this but I have epilepsy and when I was younger it affected me nearly every day and I hated it, but soon I realised that despite my disability my family still loved me and my friends still liked me. They didn’t see my epilepsy, they just saw Ben (or Sutty as I used to be called) so I thought, “If they don’t care about me epilepsy, why should I?” and I never looked back! Chin up, you are doing great and tomorrow is another day. 🙂

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