Loosing weight and getting Fit- My Journey

My 2018 resolution to lose weight and to get fit.

I have always been a slim person, I used to be able to eat anything and not put on a single a pound. I have followed slimming world before and used to attend group, however, this time  I will be following it at home. I know slimming world works because I have reached my target before. Also this year I am going to be realistic about my goals and not expect it to happen quickly, I reckon it will take about 4-6 months.

2017 has not been good food wise for me, I have suffered awful with my mental health and my response to it as well as therapy has been food. But not just 1 chocolate I would eat the whole tub and then a big packet of toffee popcorn. I have reverted back to sugar in my Tea. I know if I just cut out all the snacky crap foods and go back to sweeteners that would make a massive impact on my journey too.

I am also going to get fit this year and will be starting my beloved 30-day-shred DVD tomorrow as well as running on the treadmill, I hate exercise but I need to do it my ass is so wobbly that my butt cheeks slap together when I run upstairs.

When you eat crap you feel crap and I feel amazing when I eat properly. I am not a moody cow and I wake up in a good mood instead of feeling like a zombie and feeling utterly grouchy, I also feel sluggish all day and I hate it and I honestly think this has had a massive impact on my mental health and is the reason I have eaten soo much crap this year. I feel like I have really let myself go and I need to gain back my control.

So if you want to Join me on my journey and make it OUR  journey then please get in touch, anyone who knows me knows that when I want something so badly I do not stop till I get it and I REALLY want this.

Good Luck everyone

Here are some quick and easy meals I have made myself that are slimming world friendly Click here

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