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One thing I find helpful whilst coping with my Anxiety is writing, I have my blog which keeps my mind occupied but I need to start writing what I have done that day, what is scaring me and how I am feeling.  When I am at my lowest I find it incredibly difficult to function and remember things, I fixate on the negatives and it is really hard to focus on the positives and look forward to the future. I hate that I have to depend on tablets to keep me on a level, I miss the days where I didn’t have a worry in the world.

I decided I need to start a Journal which included goals and aspirations, my handwriting may not be neat like on my laptop but it’s MY space and its where I can gather MY thoughts and shut them away.

I received my first ever leather Journal from Find me a gift.co.uk and I love it. It is perfect for what I need and I am so excited to get started plus it’s my favourite colour PINK.

It comes in a box so you can store it safely back in there when you aren’t writing and has a beautiful positive quote embossed in copper which reads ‘achieve your dream life’  and has 260 pages for me to write my feelings and goals and be in control of me.

This would make an amazing gift for anyone and Mothers day is also coming up if you are stuck on what to buy.  Leather Goals Journal is available to buy here and costs £36.99 You will not be disappointed.

Goals Journey anxiety post

Goals Journey anxiety post


***This is a collaborative post***

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  1. Margaret Gallagher

    This is a BEAUTY – I have one that’s not too disimilar

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