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For years I have been recording my children’s heights, I used to draw faint marks on the wall so I could easily rub it out if I ever needed too. I started to record Leo and Lydia’s height in our old house and when we moved to the house we are in now I made sure to write them down on a piece of paper and take it with us. I remember being so upset because I couldn’t find that piece of paper anywhere and it meant a lot to me as I had Leo’s height written down before he could stand independently before his big operation.

I found that piece of paper about 5 months ago and we have been living here for almost 3 years it was a huge relief. In the meantime, I had continued marking all 3 of their heights on a wall and wrote them down before I redecorated.  Leo thinks it is too babyish now having a height chart (his 12) so his height and ages are written in my journal to keep safe.

We were offered to review 2 height and 2 reward charts for the girls from Personalised Parties in the hope I can get Emily to stop picking her nose till it bleeds and Lydia to wash her hands after she goes to the loo.

Height Charts £24.99 each

When they arrived we were all very excited to get them on the wall. The height charts are easy to stick and just peel off without leaving a mark. They look really good, the quality is great and the designs are beautiful. Grab a tape measure and draw a faint line to 50cm, we used a spirit level as well to make sure they were straight.

personalised parties height chart

Emily picked the Mermaid design and Lydia picked the Ballerina.



Reward Charts £12.99 each

We decided to stick the rewards charts downstairs in our hall,  low enough so the girls can stick their stickers on as and when they had earnt them. The reward chart is A3 sized and you simply stick them on the wall. We first stuck them in the kitchen and then changed our mind so we peeled them off and relocated them.  They stuck on great and like the website states, it didn’t leave a mark. Now I am hoping it will encourage the girls to earn their dojo’s (stars) which we bought especially for the charts. You can also just use a wipe clean pen and rub it off when you need too. Lydia wants to work towards getting a magazine this week and Emily is still undecided but I am sure she will think of something soon.

personalised parties reward chart



Personalised Parties sell a wide variety of products on their website from Partyware to gifts and books with different themes to suit.


***We were given these products in return for an honest review***



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  1. Clarel Clarke

    Good idea about the recording of the height charts. Wish i had kept these when the children were small but we moved around quite a bit so it would have got lost in the clear out after each move. Keep them going for as long as you can. And tell Leo that he’s not a baby for checking his height each birthday. it will make him proud as to how much he has grown.

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