Its Good to be bored

Kids complain about being bored 122 times a month – that’s 1,500 times a year

69% of parents dread the words “I’m bored”

We all hear that dreaded statement most days, I know mine say it and it is usually because they want to go on some kind of technology.

I used to either switch the tv on or give the kids their tablets when they said they were bored. It was an easy way to keep them quiet and occupied whilst I got on with what was needed to be done. Otherwise they spend all morning whinging and whining and when you have three of them it can get frustrating.

When asking them to come off their devices or switching the tele off, their behaviour would completely change and they would act like completely different kids because they got so angry.  So enough was enough and a few years ago I decided to put all tablets in the cupboard with flat batteries.

Thankfully the 3 kids are also very creative, artistic and imaginative and they love drawing. So the majority of the time they are happy to sit and be creative with their arts and craft supplies.

The Knight Tribe-Bored

As part of BIC® KIDS Young Artist Award, Bic conducted a survey which showed that only 31% parents admitted to giving their child a digital device to keep them occupied. Their research has also shown that children spend 3 hours a day away from their screens.

When it comes to the most popular ways of banishing the boredom, parents and children clearly have a difference of opinion. While the go-to forms of entertainment for children include watching TV (68%), playing with a tablet/iPad (61%) and watching YouTube (60%), parents tend to favour more traditional pastimes.

How parents banish their children’s boredom:

  • Playing board games with them (42%)
  • Putting on the TV (40%)
  • Providing a pen and paper for drawing / writing (39%)
  • Handing them a book to read (34%)
  • Providing a tablet/iPad (31%)
  • Cooking with them (26%)
  • Going to the zoo or park (24%)
  • Putting on a games console (20%)
  • Taking them to a friend’s house (17%)
  • Playing imaginary games with them (17%)
  • Going to the cinema or theatre

Dr Martin Stephen said that “boredom is a brilliant platform from which children learn to use their imaginations …. It’s important that we continue to develop core skills such as drawing and writing.”

*** I received a Bic goody bag in return for sharing this press release***


  1. Clarel

    I am so pleased to see this As you say too many parents put their children in front of a tv or a device and then wonder why there are tantrums afterwards.

    Good for you girl

  2. Kayleigh Watkins

    My son is 14 and is on his xbox most of the day, I dont like it but ive let him get away with it for a few months now, my 6 and 2 year old daughters like watching cartoons and playing games on their tablets but arent on them all the time, my six year old daughter loves colouring, drawing, writing stories and books, and my 2 year old daughter loves playing with her toys with me or her big sister, I also take them to the park or for nature walks etc xx

    • Kayleigh Watkins

      *reading books

  3. Margaret Gallagher

    Variety is the spice of life – bored is great to challenge ! We’ve discovered so much !

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