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My First pair of Hotter Shoes

We have had a Hotter store in Peterborough for quite a long time now and I would never have considered stepping foot inside until I went to my first blog on event back in May 2018. I had always remembered their shoes being quite plain looking and aimed towards the older generation.

They had a stand last year showcasing their latest range and as I browsed through them I was pleasantly surprised by how much they had changed and how stylish they looked. So when they contacted me to tell me that I had been selected to visit my local branch between the 13th -23rd of May for Fit Fortnight and to pick a pair of shoes of my choice, I was very happy to oblige.

The Fit Fortnight campaign is designed to help customers find perfectly fitting shoes by measuring their feet and providing expert advice. Their shoes come in sizes 3 to 9 with some half sizes and extra width fitting options so you’ll be sure to find the best Hotter shoe for you.

I was greeted by Adam who is the store manager for the Peterborough branch, he would also be the person measuring my feet that day.

I can honestly say that I felt completely comfortable through my fitting experience and Adam was a gem. You can clearly see he loves his job and has a wealth of knowledge of Hotter and the footwear industry in general.

The Knight Tribe -Hotter Peterborough

Some people have a phobia when it comes to feet and it can be very difficult and awkward for them to do something so simple as getting their feet measured properly. I must admit, I was feeling a bit nervous myself and I don’t have a foot phobia, I also have never had my feet measured before as an adult.

Fortunately, I had been wearing the correct size which was reassuring to know but what I didn’t know was that I have one foot bigger and wider than the other foot, which would explain why I could never wear stiletto shoes without a strap across my ankle otherwise my left foot would fall out of it.

The Knight Tribe -Hotter Jewel shoes

I tried on two different styles of shoes, the first pair was the Shake shoes in Grey/floral which I fell in love with, however, I decided against these FOR now mainly because another style had caught my eye which was the Jewel shoes in meadow floral/pebble grey.

As soon as I saw the Jewel shoes I knew they were the ones for me because A. I love the style, colour and print of them and B. I wear skinny Jeans a lot of the time and they would look amazing paired together. C. You can wear them everyday casual or dress them up if you are going out.

Breaking them in

The first week I wore my new shoes every other day for about an hour each time and they did rub on my left foot (my bigger foot) however, I was expecting this to happen because It always does when I break in a new pair of shoes.

I have had no further blisters or sores since.

The Knight Tribe -Hotter Jewel shoes

They are so light and comfortable that I wear them pretty much every day now except for when it is raining and that is only down to not wanting wet feet.

The Knight Tribe -Hotter Jewel shoes

I have received so many compliments on my new shoes and a few people have even been surprised to hear that they are from Hotter, a local friend and mum has also gone and brought her self the same shoes after seeing mine.


*** I received these shoes in return for an honest review***


  1. Mama Maggie's Kitchen

    Wow! These shoes are beautiful! Can’t wait to have one pair.

  2. Oooh these are quite cute! I’d be really interested to try some but I always feel like my feet look so silly in flats. Do they have any with slightly pointy toes?

  3. /

    love the spring/summer look these shoes have… super cute and fun!

  4. Susan B

    Why don’t all shoe stores provide a measure and fit service for adults as well as children?! I’m heading to my nearest Hotter store to get some shoes for the autumn and winter.

  5. Margaret Gallagher

    Love the styles – comfort always Guarenteed to

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