Living Arrows – 28/52 {2019}

This is my first week joining in with Living arrows which is a weekly link up set up by What the Redhead said.

Last week finished on a high with the girls bringing home their school reports, both of them have reached and exceeded their expectations for their age and school year and we have also managed to achieve an attendance level of 99.39% which I am thrilled with. I am a bit miffed about the late marks with them as Lydia is marked down for being late 6 times but Emily has been marked down five times even thought I take them to school and they arrive at the exact same time as each other. Looking forward to reading about Leo when he brings his report home.


When I was a child I loved majorettes and Lydia is following in my footsteps. Last week it was her presentation night and she had been selected by her troupe leader  and trainers to represent the troupe as Miss Harmony Miniature 2019/2020

Lydia - Miss Harmony Miniature




Emily attends ballet school every week and last week she was excited as she had her very first Ballet exam. We should find out tonight if she passed which I will update you for next week.

Emily Ballerina



Leo has always had a fear of water so we started him with swimming lessons a few months ago just for disabled kids so that there was no pressure on him to meet targets. This week he ditched a float and his shark fin and swam with just a noodle. This is a huge achievement for him.




Living Arrows


  1. Sounds like it was a big week for all three of them! You must be so proud of all of them, especially your son facing his fears like that and making such good progress. x #LivingArrows

  2. Aww such a lovely time of year with school reports and celebration of the kid’s academic success. Such lovely photos too!

  3. /

    It’s so so lovely to see you joining in! I love hearing more about people’s children and they all look like they have such different interests. You must be so proud of them x

  4. /

    Welcome to Living Arrows! It sounds like you’ve had a week of being a proud parent – well done to all of them on their achievements!

  5. Susan B

    How lovely that the children are all doing so well. Congratulations to them – and to you.

  6. Margaret Gallagher

    They are all stars – so many reasons to celebrate

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