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Christmas gift shopping can be a very stressful experience for a lot of people. I especially find it stressful and it’s the only part of the season that I dislike, but once the shopping is done, the stress fades quickly and then you can enjoy the festivities. This year I was offered an opportunity to review the website Wicked Uncle.

Wicked Uncle makes gift shopping an easier experience with it’s organised category sections that include filter search options for gender and age, making it easier to find presents which are age/gender-appropriate.

They also offer a gift wrap service so you can send your gift directly to the recipient with a card and what kid doesn’t like receiving parcels through the post? This year, we wanted to reduce the children’s time on technology, not that they spend a lot of time on there, but I wanted to make sure that there were decent alternatives for their downtime to alleviate any boredom (the usual argument for wanting to play on their tablets).

What I picked for Emily (age 5) and Lydia (age 7)

Emily and Lydia are little artists in the making and there is nothing they love more than drawing, in fact I can guarantee that their artwork is in every room in the house. They both follow step-by-step tutorial’s online, so whilst browsing through the Wicked Uncle website, I came across these two ‘How to Draw Animals’ and ‘How to Draw Fairy Tales’ packs in the section for girl’s age 5 and girl’s age 7

The ‘How to Draw’ packs come with 36 sheets of grid paper, 10 coloring pencils, a rubber, pencil sharpener and a step-by-step book of different drawings.

These books are small enough to fit into their little backpacks for long car journeys or to keep them busy whilst on the go or waiting around another sibling’s after school activity. They are easy to follow and will help the children to illustrate some of the wonderful stories they continually write for us – particularly Lydia.

The third gift I picked was a Horrible Histories ‘The Beastly Best Bits’Horrible Histories ‘The Beastly Best Bits’  book from the girls age 7 section for Lydia. Lydia loves reading and even more, has become very interested in history since she started watching this show on television a few months ago. We have even been to see the movie!

I know she is going to enjoy taking this book around with her and woo people with all her interesting facts on the Rotten Romans, the Gorgeous Georgians and the Terrible Tudors. It will also benefit her at school when they start learning about history and she will have a head start.

Although I found all three of these gift idea’s in the girls sections and they would make brilliant gifts for girls, they would also make brilliant gift idea’s for boys too.

The Horrible Histories book came in at under ten pounds (£6.99) and this would make a brilliant party gift for a friend.


*We were given a voucher in exchange for a review*



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