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Real Littles sees your favourite brands turned into Shopkins! Shopkins Real Littles™ are the same brands you find in the supermarkets – just made mini! Take home a basket full of brands and make your own real looking store – just smaller!

Ad/gifted products- We received these products in exchange for the purpose of this review, all thoughts and opinions are our own.

Series 2 of Shopkins Real littles have just got even cooler and now the Real Littles characters have come from the frozen aisles in the supermarket; from popsicles to frozen drinks! The range includes brands like WALL’S, SLUSH PUPPIES, KELLOGG’S and so many more! Over 50 to collect.

What we were sent:

  1. 1 pack – with NEW Melt away packaging- RRP £3.99
  2. Shopper Packs – Look out for the ultra rare, special edition and limited edition characters. –RRP £11.99
  3. The Stacy Cakes & Icy Treats Scooter playset – RRP £29.99

First impressions:

It doesn’t look very much from the photo so I will break it down and tell you about the packs separately and explain in the order they are above.

  1. This is a one pack blind bag with melt away packaging which was really fun to do. Just grab a tea towel and a bowl and dunk the whole thing in the water and watch the packaging disappear, which will take a minute to do. Lift out to reveal two mini Shopkins; open the little tops and inside is a blind bag.
  2. Shopper Packs – Although didn’t look it on first glance, this pack is good value for money (in my opinion). The packaging made me think we were getting something in the Popsicle and Neapolitan packs, but in fact they are just pieces of cardboard. However, upon opening we got the Shopkins character and case, that you can see on the front, but inside the Choco Taco’s packaging there were lots of surprises awaiting – more than it seemed at first glance.

    7 more surprises to unbox!

    Both Lydia and Emily were both very surprised to find all of these hidden Shopkins characters inside the Choco Taco packaging and I was too. They had great fun un-boxing these and seeing what mini brands and new Shopkins they got.


3. The Stacy Cakes & Icy Treats Scooter playset – In this play set you get a Stacey cakes doll and an Icy Treats scooter with two Shopkins characters. The doll comes wearing removable shoes and skirt, which you can swap and change with others dolls from the same range.  I personally wouldn’t pay £29.99 for this play set, however, Emily does love playing with it and thinks it’s amazing.

And of course with every cool collectible you get a collectors guide inside with the different categories and uniqueness as well as limited editions, which you can see below:

My overall opinion of Real little Shopkins is that they provide good play value, I love the little branded boxes they come in, Milly loves using them alongside her cash register toy when playing with her sister. I love that they have added a NEW Shopkins doll to the collection too.


Where to buy:

 Shopkins Real Littles™ are now available to  buy online from Smyths, Entertainer, Tesco and Asda


You can also go to their website where there are chances to win prizes and lots more.

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    Looks great! I love the little scooter

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