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Ad/gifted products- I received the clothing in this post in exchange for the purpose of this review, all thoughts and opinions are my own.

I spend a lot of time in my comfortable clothes, they’re a staple for me, a must-have. I would spend all day every day in them if I could and since we have nowhere to go at the moment, that’s exactly what I have been doing. I have put on some weight since not having anywhere to go and my routine being chucked out the window so not a lot fits me at the moment. Its my fault though because I love nothing more right now than sitting in front of the television in the evening once the kids have gone to bed, wearing comfy clothes with my partner, surrounded by snacks ( good and bad ) whilst I watch a film or binge-watch a series on Netflix. Femme luxe recently got in touch and have kindly sent me a selection of their loungewear clothes for me to try out at home.

First of all, I should mention that they have a fantastic range of clothes for all different occasions. The first place I got to on any clothing website is the Loungewear section and Femme Luxe did not disappoint. One thing I really wanted to test out when reviewing loungewear is the wear on the knee’s, some leggings stretch in the knee area if you are sitting in a certain position for too long and do not regain their shape again. This didn’t happen with any of the bottoms I have received.

I picked this set out in this particular colour because it’s not what I would usually go for. First of all, it’s not black, most of the time I pick black because It’s an easy colour that goes with everything and will hide everything, so this is why I went out of my comfort zone and picked Rose. I love everything about this set, the colour, the style, the fit, it’s a very flattering set to wear because of its boxy look and I wouldn’t think twice about wearing this to pop out to the shops, it’s cute.

The next set I picked is this one below, its a tracksuit style set and the bottoms have pockets, gotta love pockets. It’s so comfortable to wear and I do wear this one the most.

The great thing about loungewear is that you can mix and match with them and Femme Luxe has a fantastic range of joggers to choose from, I love the cuffed joggers everyone is wearing right now, I can see myself having them in every colour, plus they look amazing paired up with one of their slogan T-shirts or a cute little crop top. I love everything about this look, especially the colour of the joggers.

The last loungewear set that I have picked from their website was this set in the colour camel. It is worth noticing that the material on this set is different to the other two. I did experience bobbling to the upper inner thigh (where you would expect chub rub) after only wearing for a few hours  This one is more figure-hugging than the other two. It fits your body really lovely and I think it’s a very flattering set to wear. The leggings are high waisted which is great for mum tums like mine and the top is a long-sleeved V-neck.

I am so pleased with the selection of loungewear clothes that I have picked, they don’t make me feel frumpy, they make me feel good and I do really feel comfortable wearing them. I love that I can do the housework in them and still feel like I have got dressed and ready for the day ahead which is great for my mental well-being right.

Femme Luxe also offer Next day delivery FREE if you spend £30+ If you haven’t checked their website, what are you waiting for? I guarantee that you will find something you like.


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