Frenchic furniture paint and why I love it so much

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I rave about Frenchic every single day. In fact, I don’t think there’s a single day that goes by where I haven’t mentioned it. It’s the creme de la creme of furniture paint.

First of all, let me tell you a little bit of background information about the lady who founded and started Frenchic.

Frenchic’s founder

Pam has always enjoyed painting furniture with chalk paint but she wanted paint that would tick all the boxes, she wanted paint that was safe to paint children’s toys, with no odour and that didn’t have to be stirred, shaken or that needed water adding to it.

In 2014 Pam gambled her £15,000 life savings to set up Frenchic. She did everything herself in the first year, She packed the orders, sent them, ordered new stock and brought in new stockists. Her kitchen was covered inboxes. After her first year, she turned her husband’s chiropractors clinic into Frenchic HQ and they’ve even had to move warehouse FOUR times to keep up with demand.

Her chalk paint business now is worth £16m and I am not surprised. Go, Pam!

Frenchic - Pam Gruhn

Frenchic – Why I love it and what I have used it on so far.

I have also always enjoyed painting furniture throughout the years, I had previously used a different brand of chalk paint which I wasn’t completely satisfied with. I didn’t like the odour or the finish and was limited with colours. I remember seeing my friends pictures on Facebook of her painting her tv unit in this amazing blue colour and asked her what she used, Frenchic, of course!

I did a search on Facebook and joined their fan forum and that was it, I was blown away by it all and the finish on the furniture looked incredible, I had to try it. You can buy it directly from their website or from your local stockist. Just go on Frenchic’s website, type in your postcode it will tell you who your closest stockist is.

I remember the first time I opened the tin and I could already see by the consistency that this was going to be amazing and I wasn’t wrong. The coverage is second to none and it goes on like a dream with barely any prep work needed. ( I say barely because I do like to do a little even though you don’t need to with this)

At first, I thought the paint was expensive but that was before I started to use it.

Since discovering Frenchic I have painted all sorts and I can tell you that it does go a long way and I can also tell you how much I have used and what I have done.

Dusky Blush 750ml and 150ml

  • x2 coats on my front door
  • x2 coats on my outside light lantern
  • x2 coats on my grandfather clock
  • x2 coats on my bike
  • x2 coats on my rattan planter

Dazzle me 750ml ( Whitest white)

  • X2 coats on my dressing table
  • Garden signs
  • x 2 coats on all of my downstairs skirting board and has really brightened them up

I still have most of the tin left.

Dazzle me 750ml

x2 coats on another grandfather clock project

x2 coats on a corner unit which I then sold on.

I still have most of the tin left.

Wise old sage 150ml

I used this one on little details in my garden like signs and little ornaments.

I have also used the copper frensheen which is a powder that you mix with a finishing coat to create a metallic look. Although I have not used this on furniture yet, I have used it on my daughter’s school projects and I will be using it on my bike to add some detail. It mixes beautifully and goes on an absolute dream.

There are so many different ranges to try which offer different shades of colour but I have only ever used the Alfresco and Frensheen.

  • Original Artisan range
  • The Lazy Range
  • Alfresco inside/outside range
  • Chalk wall paint
  • Trim Paint
  • Easy Crackle
  • Waxes

Then you can buy brushes stencils Frenhsheen, finishing coat, sugar soap etc

There are endless projects you can do with this paint. I have seen people paint their window fascias, fireplaces, garage doors, kitchen cupboards, floors, garden slabs, rattan furniture, light shades, sofas, chimineas, sofas, blinds, radiators and so much more.

I have seen people transform rooms from boring, dated and dull to exciting, clean, fresh and vibrant with just a tin of this stuff, it’s actually insane and deserves to be shouted about.

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  1. Clarel Clarke

    You have done a lovely job on all the bits you have painted, Well done and the paint does cover everything very well

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