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Both my girls have had scooters since the moment they were old enough and safe enough to have one but we were always limited to using them on smooth, tarred paths because the skinny wheels are not great on anything else.

LIFERYDER is a family brand who have created a solid, versatile scooter, designed in the UK for kids age 5 to 15 years old . Everything about this scooter is eco-friendly from every part being replaceable down to the fully recyclable packaging. The wheels are made from recycled rubber so you will be purchasing a superb all terrain scooter with a lower impact our planet.

LIFERYDER VS Regular scooters

  • Regular scooters are narrow meaning the footplate is quite tapered, the foot plate on the LIFERYDER is broader meaning more space to put your feet when scooting.
  • Regular scooters are mostly made from metal meaning they have a tendency to rust quickly. I have had to replace a couple of scooters for my kids because of the amount of rust that would disperse from being left outside a handful of times.
  • The wheels on the LIFEFRYDER are bigger, thicker and better than the small solid wheels you get on a regular scooter which means you get an all around better experience with the LIFERYDER.
  • A regular metal scooter can really hurt your shin when the base of it swings round. We have all been there, we have all carried our kids scooters home and been walloped in the shin. It hurts! The LIFERYDER does not fully swing round.
  • The LIFERYDER scooter is sturdy, it’s solid, and while it is heavier than your basic scooter it has been designed to a more superior specification and is made to last.
  • You can change how your LIFERYDER scooter looks by buying new graphics unlike regular scooters where you are restricted to one design.

Unboxing and building your new LIFERYDER scooter.

Your LIFERYDER scooter will be delivered in a square box and when you open it you will see how much care and attention has gone into the designing the packaging ensuring each part has a cut out to fit the part in perfectly making sure nothing gets damaged.

It took David over two hours to build the first scooter and stick on the graphics. The second scooter he did a little bit quicker once he knew what he was doing. The longest part was sticking the decals on as there are a lot to do but is worth it when it’s finished.

The assembly

A great feature and selling point to buying a LIFERYDER scooter is that you can buy additional graphic stickers to suit your child as they get older or if they just want something different guaranteeing to keep it looking ‘cool’ and ‘stylish’.

The next job was to adjust the handle bars to suit each girls height and then we are ready…

Emily’s mermaid graphics

You can buy extra accessories from the website like the personalised plate you see in the photo below.

Our adventures

As you can imagine the girls were raring to get out on their new scooters and went out within minutes of David finishing building them. The platforms are a little shorter and wider than regular scooters so it took a few minutes for them to adjust, but once they got the hang of it they were up and down the street with no problems.

They didn’t believe me that they would work on grass so we took them to a local field where we live with a little hill to test them out. The first thing Lydia said to me was how comfortable it felt to ride and Emily loved how sturdy it is, they had so much fun scooting down the grassy hill and across the fields.

Somethings to consider

The only real complaint about the scooters is that while they can be taken down for easier storage, this does require the loosening and tightening of bolts and adjusting the platform. Unlike regular scooters where this can be done quickly with a simple catch, it is not something that is easily done with the LIFERYDER and is probably best when being stored for long periods of time. They are bulkier than standard scooters so this limitation does impact ease of storage.

My overall opinion

Overall, the scooters are great and the girls are exceptionally happy with their new scooters. The chunky wheels make the ride more comfortable, and the girls no longer have to moan about getting off and walking their scooters across a field on the way to school.

The designs we chose are great and the girls love them. The mermaid is perfect for Emily whilst the lovely purple and pink butterflies are girly but older, each matching the girls’ ages almost perfectly.


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  1. Clarel Clarke

    They look terrific. It’s good to know that they will be fine well into their teenage years
    Good buy

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