Our beautiful, low maintenance artificial grass from Easi grass

Disclosure- I paid for our Easi grass service. All thoughts and opinions are my own.

My personal preference when it comes to having real grass or artificial grass will always be artificial grass. My reasoning behind this has come from living in two new build houses where there has been fresh turf laid down for us to maintain and both times we have failed to do so leaving the grass patchy, uneven and dead which was not aesthetically pleasing or safe for Leo.

In our old house, David laid the artificial grass to save some money, it didn’t look that bad and had only taken him a day to complete. The garden was a lot smaller than the garden we have now, It was not perfect bur certainly looked a lot better than what it did. It wasn’t long before weeds started to sprout up through the sharp sand and membrane and poke out of top of the grass and in the summer the grass would get very hot to the point we could not stand on it bare foot, let alone let the kids on it to play.

When we moved to the house we are in now the grass looked beautiful. It had just been laid and all we needed to do was to stay off it and keep it watered which in the grand scheme of things sounds easy enough, right? Wrong. Yes, we could have tried harder with it but we were busy looking after the kids and with David being at work and me being at home looking after two girls under two, the last thing I wanted to do was to set up the hose in the kitchen and run it through to the garden everyday to water the grass.

Over the years, we welcomed our two beautiful dogs and began to transform the garden. The grass came up to our French doors and I was getting frustrated by mud getting traipsed into our house, my hay fever getting aggravated every time David mowed the lawn and not having a solid, flat surface for BBQ’s and garden furniture. We hired somebody to come and extend our patio and construct a 3ft picket fence with a gate so that we can stop the dogs from pooping and weeing on the grass. By this point the grass was already destroyed with giant pot holes from the dogs making it unsafe for all three of my children especially, Leo who struggles to walk on uneven surfaces. It was at this point I told David that I wanted artificial grass again.

I received a number of individual quotes before deciding to go with a company called Easigrass Cambridgeshire & East Anglia. We had to wait a few weeks for our consultation because of how busy they were but it was worth it. Nick came round, measured up and brought some samples for me to look at. I decided that I wanted to for the luxury premium brand ‘Mayfair’ purely because it was ‘luxury’ and felt the nicest on my feet but looked the most realistic. Nick sent me the quote within 24 hours which included everything. The grass, the labour, the skip, the machines. Everything.

I paid the £100 deposit to secure my date and Nick sent me through lots of information and pages upon pages of customer reviews to read through. Just by talking with Nick I got a good feeling and trusted he would give me a beautiful garden. I was right.

Our Easi grass installation date was in August 2021. A few days prior I had received a message to say that two workmen would arrive at 7.30am, which they did and got straight to work. It was a really hot day so I had made sure I had brought plenty of drinks for them. The grass was completed by 3pm.

This is what our garden looked like before.

You can see how uneven and unsafe it was and we really struggled to get Leo’s mobility trike out of the summer house. Our house is built on old sewage works so the men really had to work hard and dig deep through tough clay to get the depth they needed.

I can’t remember exactly what they did but what I do know is when David did ours previously he only did one layer of sharp sand and one layer of membrane where as Easi grass do this multiple times and use a machine to tightly compress and level the surface between each layer.

There was only one problem we experienced regarding our installation and this was because of the size of our garden we could either pay a bit extra and have a complete piece OR have a join which would take the grass up to the white arch to the left of these photo’s. I decided to have the join but one of the men who installed the grass had not realised and it wasn’t until they had left I noticed that it didn’t look quite right. Once I had worked out why it didn’t look right, I immediately contacted Nick and sent him photo’s and he came out to see it.

It turned out that the piece of grass that was missing to take the edge up to the arch was in the van all along but hadn’t been installed due to a misunderstanding, so he organised for his guys to come back the very next day to rectify it. True to his word, they arrived on time and sorted it out.

The grass needs to be left to settle for 24-48 hours before they come back to finish bonding the edges.

Nearly a year on…

In a few months it would be a year since having our Easi grass and it still looks as good as the day we had it done. I also wanted to mention that we have an 8ft trampoline on our grass that is used everyday by my kids and their friends and the base remains the same with no changes. I tend to move the trampoline slightly every other day so that the trampoline is not constantly putting pressure in the same spot. The grass pops back up within 10-15 minutes without me having to do anything.

10 year warranty on the Easi Grass and 5 years on the bases.

All in all, we had a really pleasant experience with Easi grass and would recommend them to anyone who is looking for artificial grass. If you are in the Peterborough, Cambridgeshire area please contact Nick on 07850 327218 and tell him I sent you.


  1. Clarel Clarke

    The garden does really look nice and clean. The men did a really good job

  2. Sky klawinska

    Love it looks so much better

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