Super cute little babies toy review

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Super cute little babies are just what our planet need right now with their very own special message to their fans and support human-centric learning. There are four super cute babies to collect. Sofia controls trees and plants and can understand their needs, Gabi controls the sun, Kala who controls the water and Sisi who can control the wind.

The Super cute little babies come in two difference sizes.

The large doll comes with

  • Doll
  • Dummy
  • Bottle
  • Comb
  • Brush
  • Instruction leaflet

You will need x2 AAA batteries as these do not come included. Emily received a large and small version of Sofia and was so excited to try her out. Each large doll has a light up button on their chests which represent their individual super power. They also come with reversible clothes. The booties are reversible and it took me a while to work out the how to change the bib to the cape but all you need to do is fold the cape into the sleeve behind the bib, pretty simple.

When you feed your super cute little baby, she will make a drinking noise followed by a magical tune which will ‘transform’ them from baby to super baby and then the fun starts by changing her into her costume.

The smaller babies come with a little comb and a dummy which is just the right size and is super adorable to keep in there back pack for when they want to go on a mission with their little baby. The limbs can be moved to pose her. The smaller version does not make any noise.

Emily was thrilled to receive these dolls, especially because of the messages they are sending about looking after and protecting our beautiful planet. Her dad works for the environment and helps to save our planet to which made these dolls even more special.

The super cute little babies are available from a range of online and in store retailers, including Tesco.

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