NEW Series 2 ‘Among us’ collectibles. Are you the Imposter?

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Kids are going wild for the game Among us. It is one of the most popular games in the world since being released in 2018.

What is Among us?

Among us is an online multiplayer game where up to 15 players join each other in a spaceship to complete a series of jobs. However, the twist is that some of the players are actually imposters whose job is to eliminate the other players within the game without being found out. Consider it a modern twist on the ‘Who Did It’ genre of games

To go alongside the highly desired game is the new series 2 collectible merchandise, with 16 crewmate figures and figural keychains to collect, ranging from twelve common figures and four rare figures.

Lydia was thrilled to find out she had opened up a rare figure keychain.

The blind bags are always popular with kids, as it has the element of surprise when opening the bag to see which figure you are getting, looking for the figure on your character sheet to see if its a rare of a common. I love the tension it creates especially when the girls are opening them up at the same time.

Blind bags

The key chains are really cool and perfect for attaching to their back pack or pencil cases ready for a new school year. It can also be the talking point they need to create new friendships with those around them who also share the same interest on the game ‘Among Us’.

Rare crew mate keyring

Plushies are always a big hit and with so many different Among us characters and sizes to choose from, these make another great collectible for anyone who is interested in the game.

Series 2 Among us merch

All of the series 2 Among us merch mentioned in this post is available to buy from Smyths, HMV, Littlewoods, Game, WHSmith, The works.

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    Looks fun. Glad the children are enjoying it.

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