Meaco 12ltr Platinum low energy Dehumidifier and air purifier

*I brought this product*

Having never owned a dehumidifier before, we had no idea what brand or model to go for. I just knew that we needed one; our house was starting to create mould spores from the humidity of the bathroom when the door was left open after a shower.

I bought this particular model on a whim, I didn’t know if 12 litres would be sufficient enough for what we needed and the other dehumidifiers were more money than what I wanted to spend. I have had the Meaco unit now for a year and I feel that I can give it a thorough review, especially as we have also experienced their customer service under the warranty.

It is also interesting to know that this unit doubles up as an air purifier and includes a free Hepa filter, additional HEPA filters cost around £29 for a pack of three, direct from We have not used the air purifier yet as we have a separate unit specifically for this. What I do know is that the air purifier is amazing for people with allergies & asthma.

We have a small bathroom with the main bedroom next door, the hallway and two more bedrooms. The Meaco unit lives within the bathroom most of the time and we found that it is excellent at drying our clothes, which saves us money as we are not using the tumble dryer. The unit also includes a child lock (hold the up and down button together for a few seconds).

Occasionally, we will pop the the dehumidifier on the landing or in the girls’ room if the bathroom door has been left open so that we can reduce the humidity which results in less mould spores growing.

Having a dehumidifier is amazing for drying our clothes, however, it is also fantastic for drying our carpets after I have given them a good clean with my carpet cleaner, the carpets are dry in less than an hour.

Using the unit is very easy to navigate

On the top there is a digital display which will tell you what the humidity is in the room as soon as you’ve turned it on; you can also set the dehumidifier to stop once you have selected and reached your desired range (this would be between 40-60%). We tend to turn it off around 49. The unit will also turn off automatically when the water tank at the back is full – the tank will hold 2.5l of water. You can remove this easily by pulling it out – I usually use it to water my house plants. You can also add a hose for continuous drainage if you want to, however, the hose does not come included.

I bought our Meaco dehumidifier from Appliances Direct, back in January last year when humidity in houses was at its peak. Due to stock issues, I did have to wait a few weeks for delivery but that is not the case now. My advice would be to purchase one in the summer, ready for winter, and take advantage of the offers.

After using the unit for quite a long time, the Meaco unit started to make a loud humming noise which vibrated through the floor. I contacted customer services online and had a response the next day: I explained what was happening and they asked me to provide a video and then sent me a form to complete, including proof of purchase. After this was all verified, I was sent a returns label and I shortly returned the unit to be repaired.

A few days later, I received an email saying that it was faulty beyond repair and they would send me a replacement within a few days. I received the new unit the very next day and everything has been great.

Do I rate this?

Absolutely. I am very happy with this product and I would recommend it to you If you are looking to purchase a dehumidifier. If you have a larger area to cover then I would buy the 20-litre instead.

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  1. Clarel Clarke

    Thank you for your recommendation. I have one and it is in the loft room which was very humid. It also acts as a little heater which is brilliant as the loft is very cold in the winter

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