Enchanting Evening – Why you need to experience TaylorMania!!!

Couldn’t get tickets to Taylor Swift’s Eras tour for whatever reason? Don’t you worry, Katy Ellis has got you with her version- TaylorMania.

Lydia is obsessed with Taylor, her songs are playing all the time, her phone case is the Era’s tour albums, and she even started a friendship bracelet business on Etsy inspired by her. Unfortunately, all the tickets to the Era’s tour were sold out by the time she got into her music, so we couldn’t get tickets.

I think my phone was listening because not long after, TaylorMania ads started to appear on my Facebook and I noticed they were coming to the Cresset which is our home town. I booked three tickets for the second row and when I told Lids, she was so excited, then as the big night approached the preparations began and I had two extremely excited girls.

Preparing for the night was fun. My sister had made Lydia a T-shirt and I had been on Shein and ordered some 1985 and reputation earrings, sunglasses and sparkly shorts to go with the girls’ outfits. Lydia dressed up from the Red Era and Emily was from Lover Era. We brought hair tinsel and Em wanted eyeliner and red lippy just like Taylor.

On the way there, we blasted our favourite songs and our spirits were high. There were kids all dressed up with their friendship bracelets on, ready to swap with other fans, the atmosphere was brilliant and we couldn’t wait for the show to start.

The whole night from start to finish was incredible, Lydia was so happy she cried and both girls sang every song and smiled through the whole show, they fell asleep pretty much straight away when we got home yet I was awake till midnight because of how excited I was. I had a 9.5-hour shift the next day and it was worth being tired for the next day.

Katy was unbelievable, her singing was stunning as she sang songs throughout each Era, every outfit she wore was identical to Taylor’s, the stage presence was exciting, the dancers were amazing, and the band was phenomenal. It gave us a night that we will never forget and the girls the most amazing memories. Everyone was singing along, Katy encouraged them to swap bracelets and had them wave their backlights on the phone. She also sang the 10-minute Taylor version of ‘All to Well’.

There is a short interval halfway, I’d say 15-20 minutes which is plenty of time to stretch your legs, pop to the loo and buy some merch.

Cameron is the merch man and is at every show with his official Taylormania merchandise for you to buy before, during and after the show. He has the iconic T-shirts, caps, Friendship bracelets, lanyards, postcards, posters and tote bags for sale. We brought a large poster for Katy to sign at the meet and greet after.

I don’t think many people realised that Katy and the dancers came out after the show because a lot left ‘swiftly’ which was great for us as the queuing time wasn’t long. Katy was so lovely and Lydia had made her a special bracelet.

Taylormania is currently touring around the UK throughout 2024 and already has a lot of dates booked for 2025 but you will need to be quick because her shows sell out very fast. It’s the next best thing to Taylor Swift herself but with a more affordable ticket price. You will not be disappointed, I guarantee it!

I am keeping a close eye on tickets ready for next year and booking as soon as they become available.

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