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Middleton’s Steak House and Grill Peterborough

When I first heard we was getting a steak house in Peterborough I was so excited to come and try it, me and my partner are huge steak lovers and eat it once a week…

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Hypochondria syndrome is real.

Never in a million years did I think hypochondria was a real thing. Well it is and I suffer badly from it. I focus on my body looking for symptoms and when I get a tummy ache or a headache I really fixate on It and convince myself I am dying. I book a doctors appointment to get checked out and get some kind of relief from them which lasts for a few hours until I am in full panic mode again.

I am constantly making sure the kids and David are well, checking their bodies for unexplained bruises as that can be a sign of leukaemia, looking at their complexions and asking if they feel ok, I drive myself round the bend panicking.

My daughter suffers from growing pains and went off her food I panicked and took her to the doctors who tried to reassure me she was ok but I still panicked so for peace of mind he sent her for a blood test, which was normal so panic over and I could relax.

Then I notice I am getting up a lot during the night to have a wee and I panic that I am diabetic because I am drinking a lot and fatigued. you guessed it I went back to the doctors and was sent for a blood test which guess what ? was normal and as soon as I didn’t fixate on that I noticed I wasn’t actually getting up a lot through the night at all.

I avoid adverts on the tele about cancer because it scares me soo much that I have a anxiety attack. I don’t read magazine’s anymore as there are always health stories which I cant handle. I catastrophize everything  to do with mine and my families health.  The girls have had a awful cough for weeks now and even though I took them doctors and he said it was going about, I didn’t believe him and thought cancer!

David has been really poorly all last week and on and off for a few weeks before  and that has drove me crazy and him as I am constantly asking. are you okay?do you need to go doctors? shall I book you a appointment? what symptoms are you getting ? and asking every 30mins to a hour if he is feeling better. I saw a sign that said if you have had a cough for 3 weeks or more to go to the doctors as its a sign of cancer so again I Freak out and think he is dying and how would I cope without him, morbid I know and I hate it.  He said he feel soo much better now which has made me relaxed.

My mumma bear has type 2 diabetes and she worries me a lot, I am constantly asking her when she had her last blood test, when is she going to the doctors next, I must do her head in but she doesn’t say that to me. all she says is that she is getting old now and she’s just getting aches and pains from getting older, which then sets me of into another anxiety attack about her dying.

I cant cope with this, it is ruining my life, I am not living at the moment as I feel like I’m constantly panicking, worrying and stressing myself out. I joined a health anxiety and hypochondriac support group on Facebook as I thought it would help me be around like minded people, all it did was make me ALOT worse. Every time  someone posted a symptom I would think I have the same thing and again start to panic so I left it.

I started my 2nd round of counselling last week, this time it is CBT cognitive behavioural therapy and for the first time in a long time I thought about my health anxiety in a different light and that in my mind I am trapped  in a very vicious circle with toxic thoughts.  I am really excited about my sessions because she is helping me to understand why I feel like I do and showing me how our minds work and I feel like I come away ready to try think about things more positively.

I will beat this horrible illness and I cannot wait for the day to not feel trapped in my mind. I fell emotionally exhausted just writing this.

Rosie’s tricks she has learnt so far.

I am so proud of our little pupster Rosie. At only 14 weeks old she is doing fantastic. I thought I would give a video a bash to see if she can show off the tricks she has learnt. In the 6 weeks, we have had her.


Starting back at Slimming world

This will be my 2nd time doing Slimming world and I’m looking forward to the challenge again.

I lost just over 2 stone last time and hit my target weight, I managed to maintain this for well over 2 years. until recently and I’m so disappointment with myself but I’m ready to do something about it again before I get dragged under any more.


January 2017 I was at my lowest weight after having my Double jaw Surgery, a size 6 but man I felt so good but looked unhealthy, Then I was able to eat again and boy did I eat. Then my anxiety got so bad I started to over eat and the weight has crept on. My jeans don’t fit, my tops don’t fit, my leggings look stupid, my skin is spotty, I am tired all the time and quite honestly I’m fed up! I need to get back control again and so I am.

Slimming world has Free membership until 11th Sept so if your feeling like I am and want to do something about it …lets do it now!

5 ways to save money on your weekly food shop

Overspending on your weekly shop?  I have 5 ways on how you can save money on your weekly shop and they really work.

I Love Aldi myself, however whatever is your preference if you stick to these 5 things I promise you will save on your next shop.

I also like to keep my receipts and compare weekly and try to save just that little bit more.

Don’t go shopping when your hungry, I used to be so guilty of this. I would be walking past the cake aisle and end up with half of it in my trolley just because I was hungry, So now I make sure I eat something before I go shopping.

  1. Meal Planning- Yes, yes, yes! Always meal plan, It will help you stick to your list and not overspend. It is such a boring task to do every time but it will save you from overspending. Stick to your shopping list.
  2. Don’t fall victim to offers- For example I’m shopping with my brother today in B&M and he needed washing up liquid, he picked one up that was on offer for £1.49 for 450ml. I pointed out to him the same brand, same price, not on offer but you get 650ml. Why get less for the same amount of money? Always check and compare.
  3. Check your cupboards before you go- Check what you already have in, for example a bag of pasta. you know you don’t have to add pasta on your shopping list. We love home pride creamy tuna pasta bake in our house so I would just add the Tuna ( if not already in my cupboard) and the jar to my shopping list.
  4. Frozen Vegetables- If your a busy mum like me you wont have time to prepare fresh veg and to be honest its cheaper buying it frozen. 1. you get a lot more for your money and 2. cooks quicker.
  5. Go on your own if you canMy kids want everything if I take them shopping with me and because I hate doing the food shop and cant be bothered with arguing I fall victim to magazines going in at 3.99 a pop  and a extra punnet of grapes I didn’t need to buy at £1.50 which doesn’t sound a lot but when you add it on to your shopping list that’s £5.49 extra that you could of saved.


You can do this, don’t get tempted to put anything else in your trolley except what is on your list.

If its not on your list its not going in