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Starting back at Slimming world

This will be my 2nd time doing Slimming world and I’m looking forward to the challenge again. I lost just over 2 stone last time and hit my target weight, I managed to maintain this…

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5 ways to save money on your weekly food shop

Overspending on your weekly shop?  I have 5 ways on how you can save money on your weekly shop and they really work.

I Love Aldi myself, however whatever is your preference if you stick to these 5 things I promise you will save on your next shop.

I also like to keep my receipts and compare weekly and try to save just that little bit more.

Don’t go shopping when your hungry, I used to be so guilty of this. I would be walking past the cake aisle and end up with half of it in my trolley just because I was hungry, So now I make sure I eat something before I go shopping.

  1. Meal Planning- Yes, yes, yes! Always meal plan, It will help you stick to your list and not overspend. It is such a boring task to do every time but it will save you from overspending. Stick to your shopping list.
  2. Don’t fall victim to offers- For example I’m shopping with my brother today in B&M and he needed washing up liquid, he picked one up that was on offer for £1.49 for 450ml. I pointed out to him the same brand, same price, not on offer but you get 650ml. Why get less for the same amount of money? Always check and compare.
  3. Check your cupboards before you go- Check what you already have in, for example a bag of pasta. you know you don’t have to add pasta on your shopping list. We love home pride creamy tuna pasta bake in our house so I would just add the Tuna ( if not already in my cupboard) and the jar to my shopping list.
  4. Frozen Vegetables- If your a busy mum like me you wont have time to prepare fresh veg and to be honest its cheaper buying it frozen. 1. you get a lot more for your money and 2. cooks quicker.
  5. Go on your own if you canMy kids want everything if I take them shopping with me and because I hate doing the food shop and cant be bothered with arguing I fall victim to magazines going in at 3.99 a pop  and a extra punnet of grapes I didn’t need to buy at £1.50 which doesn’t sound a lot but when you add it on to your shopping list that’s £5.49 extra that you could of saved.


You can do this, don’t get tempted to put anything else in your trolley except what is on your list.

If its not on your list its not going in

Rosie the pup 12 weeks old

Our puppy Rosie is 11 weeks

And what a fun, poo filled few weeks its been!

Get a puppy he said, it’ll be fun he said HA no I’m kidding she is so much fun HOWEVER having a puppy is not easy. We have had Rosie since she was 9 weeks old, she was tiny.

We are crate training her and have got her used to pooping on her puppy pad in one corner and then she will take a dump behind our curtain at the back door (good I know as she wanted to go outside) Not good when you don’t know she’s taking a big crap right under your curtain, the curtain has touched the poo without me realising until I’ve lifted the curtain up and placed it on my sofa so I can hoover and shit gets wiped all over my wall where I’ve flung the curtain. When you tred bare foot in fresh doggy doo doo in the garden which Is RANK because we have missed a poo when picking them up.

She is teething at the moment so she is nipping a lot we have brought so many toys from cuddly squeaky toys to rubber bones and ropes with balls on which she loves however she has taken a liking to my beading along my floor and my sons special wooden chair that helps him sit up straight at the table !

We recently made our own Dog toy with a old pillow case and a tennis ball.

We take some of her dried food and place it in the plaits and she LOVES it she also lover her little Pink kong toy which we fill with her dried food and the kong liver paste.

We literally have to watch her all the time she is like a little baby when they get curious, you leave a shoe on the floor for a second and she has found it .

I miss the days were I could just go out all day but I cant do that now as she needs stimulating which I wouldn’t change for the world she makes me laugh and she is so blooming adorable! even when she is nipping us. We have hard flooring and its so funny when we play fetch and she runs to get the ball and slides when she stops.

It would of been easier to get a grown up dog however we wanted a puppy to grow with our kids.

She has her 2nd jabs tomorrow and I cant wait to take her on walkies 10 days after she must be so bored.

When we come downstairs in the morning she is so happy to see us , her little tail goes crazy and my 4 year old daughter always gets up with us at 530-6am so she can go downstairs to see her which Is so lovely.

As she is getting bigger now she has started to sneak up the stairs when we are not looking, she jumps up at the TV unit an grabs what ever is on there , she really does keep us on our toes.

So far she has learnt to sit, sit and stay , sit and lay down , fetch and drop .. I’m now working on Paw (high five) and roll over.

Princess for the day – Disneyland Paris

Become a princess for the day at Disneyland Paris

When I booked our holiday I just knew I had to book this for my little princesses , it was an amazing experience for all 3 of us.

We decided to do the experience on our first full day so we made our way over the Disney Hotel and went up to the 2nd floor where the shop is as this is where you have to book it.

We wanted the same day as we was dining at auberge de cendrillon (Princess dinner) that evening but unfortunately they only had the one slot left so we booked for the next day.

I have been told you can book this in advance but only if your doing the package that include the dress so as soon as you arrive go and book it if that’s not the package you want to do.

My daughter’s at the time were 4 and 2 year old however my 2 year old was turning 3 the week after.  So I went to the till to book it and when they asked how old they were she said to me the 2year old couldn’t do it because she wasn’t 3.  I was truly gutted I couldn’t let one and not the other as they were both so excited for it , so we left the shop and I called my partner who was with my son to come up whilst I wait in reception with the girls and book it but to say she was 3 years old instead ( Naughty I know but she was days away from being 3 )

VOILA ! all booked we went for the 55 Euro package which included

  • Make up
  • Hair style
  • Photoshoot
  • Certificate

There was more packages that included the dress but to be absolutely honest with you the Asda princess dresses we brought with us were a so much nicer than there’s.

The boutique is located on the 1st floor and its stunning when we arrived they asked for Lydia’s invitation ( receipt from booking is the invitation ) and its a 30 minute slot.

Lydia’s little beautiful face lit up when she saw the boutique and was treated like royalty, the lady sat her on a big chair in front of a beautiful mirror and asked her what princess she wanted to be and she replied Aurora and they started.

At the end of the make over before they do the photographs the cast member waves a magic wand over the princesses head whilst saying bibbidi bobbidi bo and then sprinkles glitter all over her … (took weeks to come out of there hair haha )

Now princess Milly’s turn and she wanted to be Belle.

We was so glad we brought the photo pass to and we got so many stunning photographs to treasure forever and they absolutely loved it. I couldn’t stop smiling and I really wanted to be a princess for the day too.

I would definitely recommend this if your taking a little princess with you, you will not be disappointed.



Green Card- Disneyland Paris

Disabled Green Card at Disneyland Paris

(Read my Disneyland Paris top tips HERE)

This little green card was an absolute godsend!

When we entered the park we were advised to go to City hall which is located on Main street. I didn’t have to wait long at all and was greeted by a lovely lady who asked for a few details on Leo. I brought our blue badge with us and his DLA entitlement letter.

They asked if he could walk at all and get in and out of his wheelchair, He can get in and out of his wheelchair and he can walk short distances so she ticked the picture which best described his ability and then asked how many of us all together, which was 5 of us. She explained how the green card worked and we were on our way.

I advise you to get to your meet and greet early to book your slot as they only have a certain number of slots for a green card in the morning and new slots from 2 pm in the afternoon once they’re booked that’s it. My littlest is obsessed with Moana so we got to the studios early and made sure we got her booked first to make sure she got to meet her.

The first thing we used it on was Minnie mouse meet and greet, you take the green card to the cast member at the front and she/he has a clipboard with times on, you choose a time to come back in and they write the green card holders name in the slot. When you come back and it’s your time you literally are next to go and meet and greet, not just the card holder but everyone who is numbered on the card. This was brilliant we managed to do so many of them and use our photo pass. The only thing I was gutted about was our photos from Minnie mouse never loaded onto the photo pass and we forgot to go back and look for them, we asked a cast member and she handed me a little card of where to go and look up the photos and luckily one of the places was the gift shop in the hotel. unfortunately, we still forgot.

Regarding the rides, you go to the exit and the cast member will greet you, they will take your card and say the child’s name so the child answers ( think its just to make sure yours using it correctly) and give it back and take you to a special area allocated for green card holders. We managed to do most the rides queuing for less that 5 minutes for each ride. the only 2 rides we had to wait a little bit for I’d say a maximum of 15 minutes was thunder mountain and crush’s coaster which by the way was BRILLIANT.

There is also a wheelchair area to watch the parade which we never got to use as, to be honest, we forgot so didn’t check that one out but they do tell you where it’s at in the city hall.

If you or someone in your party is a wheelchair user and want to go and watch Dreams don’t bother trying to get close its ram jam and I had a panic attack, my little Leo was freaking out as we were literally gridlocked by the crowds he couldn’t see anything at all so we told him he would need to stand up on his wheelchair and hold our shoulders which he hated as his very unsteady but he managed to watch it all. so stick to the back you can still see it all.

My partner suffers from back problems and unfortunately hurt his back before we left so we had to hire a wheelchair, there was a 50 Euro deposit (don’t accept a hotel credit card btw so take cash) and then 20 Euro fee and the Pushchairs are just 20 Euro fee for the day. So we had me pushing Leo in his wheelchair with Lydia sitting on his lap then David self propelling himself In the hired wheelchair with Milly on his lap… HARD WORK then when David’s back felt better we hired a pushchair for Milly.  A lot of people have said that they have hired pushchairs and when they have come off a ride its been taken so maybe take a lock? however, you do have a big sign on the back with your surname in. We didn’t have a problem but we wedged it behind Leos wheelchair when we went on a ride.

I hope this helps 🙂

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