Alcatel U5 4G Mobile Phone – Smartphone Review

Is your child is going up to secondary school and you are on the lookout for a smartphone that won’t break the bank?

I can honestly recommend this phone, to see why please, read on.


Whats in the Box:                                                               

Alcatel mobile phone - review

  • The phone
  • Charger
  • USB cable
  • Quick start guide
  • Headphones



The Device:

The Handset doesn’t weigh much (156g to be precise) It is black on the front and the back is grey. You can take the battery out if you ever needed to replace it or if you just wanted a spare battery to keep fully charged as a backup. The battery has fast charge technology which allows the phone more power and thus charges batteries in devices faster than standard USB rates allow. I would say the battery is good considering what Leo uses it for the most, which is playing games.

It has 8GB of storage however you can add up to 32gb when using a micro SD card.

It also uses Android android os, v6.0 (marshmallow) as its operating system, which I have set up with my Gmail account so I can check his search history.

The phone also has a front and rear camera with LED flash for all those must-have selfies. The camera is good, not the best, but adequate for the price of the phone and for what Leo would use it for anyway and let’s face facts if he loses it, it isn’t going to break the bank to replace.  You can also choose a face mask when you take a photo similar to snap chat however these are just fun face masks.

There is a theme centre app where you choose a wide range of free themes and wallpapers to change the appearance that comes already installed on the device as well as YouTube and Instagram, however, me and Leo have agreed his not allowed an account just yet for Instagram.





If you are looking for an affordable smartphone or if you are looking for a phone for your older child but don’t want to pay out of the nose for one, then I can highly recommend the Alcatel U5 4G mobile.

It has all the features you need and you can add more storage if you wanted to. It is a sim only phone so they could earn pocket money to top it up themselves. They can take lots of awesome selfies using the fun face masks, play games, watch Youtube, listen to music and browse the internet.


***I was sent this product in return for an honest review***



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