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When considering getting any type of cosmetic procedure, be it surgical or non-surgical like lip fillers and botox. It is very important that you go to a trained Doctor or Nurse who has gone on to specialise in this particular area. It is not worth putting yourself at risk because you can get it cheaper elsewhere.  Looking for cheaper was no option for me, I have been through a lot with my face and I am not about to botch it up now.

The Treatment I had:

Botox in 3 areas ( Forehead, frown lines and crows feet), 1ml of Revolax lip filler.

The Doctor:

Dr Priyantha Liyanage

Qualified in 2003 as a medical doctor, Priyantha (Pri)  has over 15 years of experience as a medical doctor and has worked in a variety of medical specialities. He has a special interest in aesthetic medicine and trained in aesthetics by leading aesthetic training institutions in the UK. He is fully registered with a licence to practice with the General Medical Council (GMC) who regulates all doctors in the UK. Together with his wide experience as a medical doctor, he is able to offer a variety of aesthetic services to a high standard and you can be assured you are in safe hands. He also currently works part-time for the Cambridgeshire Community Services NHS Trust.

I also logged on to the GMC website to check he was definitely on there, and he is.

The Clinic:

Hampton Aesthetic clinic

33 Stanton Square

Hampton Hargate



(free easy parking available)

01733 590102


9am-8pm ( By appointment only)

My Experience:

I had my consultation on the same day as my treatment. Dr Pri asked me what look I would like to achieve from lip fillers, subtle or fuller and what areas I wanted to have treated with Botox.

He handed me a medical/consent form to fill out to make sure there was no contraindication and then went over the form with me. He then explained to me the procedures and what outcome to expect. Regarding my botox, he advised me which areas he could improve and which areas he couldn’t, for example, the frontalis muscle that elevates the forehead and eyebrows; if you inject the frontalis muscle close to your eyes it can result in brow drop. Therefore, it is difficult to treat wrinkles just above the eyebrow in the forehead.

I was advised that the Botox would take up to 2 weeks to see full effects and then I would need an appointment 2 weeks later for a checkup and possible top up if needed.

Once I was happy with everything, I had some ‘before’ photos taken by Dr Pri’s wife Priya and then I laid back on the chair to get my forehead marked up ready for treatment.

By this time I was getting a little nervous as I had never had needles injected into my head before, but I can confirm that it didn’t hurt a single bit. I was so surprised and amazed at how painless it was.  After every injection, Priya held ice on the injection sites to reduce bruising and swelling.

Next, it was lip filler time and this was what I was most excited about as the results from these are instant. The lip filler product used is called Revolax and I did do some research of my own on this brand before deciding to go ahead. Revolax product contains lidocaine, an anaesthetic that minimises pain during injection. However, even though I had the numbing cream on my lips prior, I did find it to sting a bit as the needle goes into your lip. Nothing that I couldn’t handle and to be honest I didn’t care as I wanted fuller lips so I was prepared for it.

When Dr Pri finished my treatment, he passed me the mirror to have a look and I could not believe that these were my lips. They looked plump and symmetrical and for the second time in my life (first time being after my Jaw was corrected)  I looked at my face thinking YES this is how I am supposed to look.

I had minimal bruising and swelling on my lips and botoxed areas thanks to the lovely Priya. I was expecting to be walking around looking bruised with duck lips for a few days, but fortunately that was not the case, Phew.

I wasn’t too bothered about the Botox at this point in time as, like I said before, I wasn’t going to see instant results like I did with my lips. However, over the next week, my god did I see the results of my forehead changing before my very eyes.  I’m on day 12 post Botox and I am so blooming happy with my face and how refreshed and youthful I look again.

After I had finished my procedures, I had my after photos taken and my aftercare explained to me as well as a copy given to me on each treatment to take home and I also booked in for my 2 week check up.

Now, I know many of you are thinking “You’re only 30 so why on earth would you get Botox?” Well, after having my upper jaw surgery last year, it has pushed my face up giving me more indented crows feet, frown lines and forehead lines, so when I smiled I felt even more self-conscious. It was all I could see when I looked into the mirror so I gave it a go and I don’t regret it at all.

I have had so many inbox messages and women coming up to me who know all about these non-surgical procedures I have had done, telling me how good and fresh-faced I look and asking where I went, as they really want it too.  Women I thought never in a million years would they be interested in Botox and lip fillers.  My advice is to TRY IT, even if it’s only the once and I am confident that you that you will LOVE IT and have no regrets.






I am so happy that my first experience of botox (and more to come)  was with the Hampton Aesthetic Clinic.  From start to finish they have their client’s best interests at heart and are very passionate in what they do.  I have been and will continue to recommend these to anyone who has an interest in getting fillers and Botox.  My experience was so pleasant and professional that I could not be happier with them and my results. I came away smiling and have not stopped smiling since.

Thank you so much Dr Pri and Priya



  *** I received 1ml of lip fillers in return for an honest review, I paid for my Botox***



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