Lydia gets Chicken Pox

The Chicken Pox has landed at the Knights

Before half term chicken pox was doing the rounds at Lydia’s school so it was no surprise that she would get it.  I had been on the lookout for spots anyway simply because she has not had it yet. Wednesday morning I noticed a spot on her forehead, I thought it was nothing as it was just one spot so I sent her to school, later when I picked her up she was itchy but well in herself so I just kept a closer eye on her. The knight tribe- chicken pox

As the afternoon progressed so did her spots which had started to look like blisters, so I ran her a warm bath, cut off a leg from an old pair of tights and filled it with porridge oats, tied a knot and put it in the running bath water to try and soothe the itching, It helped a lot.

Later I went to Asda and bought everything there was for chicken pox relief.  Calamine lotion, Virasoothe, Calpol and Piriton syrup, I couldn’t find Poxclin so nanny had to go to boots.

Day 2

Apart from being itchy, Lydia was more or less her usual self, just felt a bit tired so we spent the day watching films and doing crafts. She went to bed absolutely fine and slept through.

Lydia chicken pox

Day 3

She woke up at 4.30am and got into my bed, she was itching frantically and crying and was really hot to touch, her spots had spread even more and she was full of blisters. They are in her hair, ears, mouth, eyes, face, armpits, back, belly, bum, front bum, legs, behind her ears inside her nose, I had to put socks over her hands to try and stop her ripping them open. So I gave her some more Piriton and Calpol to get the temp down.


At 7 am I ran her another Oaty bath which she didn’t like at first but kept her in it as it stopped the itching. It was heartbreaking knowing there’s nothing more I could do as she had taken all the meds she could.. The itching was so intense and she was exhausted. Someone recommended Poxclin which is a foam type treatment you gently massaged into the skin to stop the itching and reduce scarring. Throughout the day I tried to get her to sleep but she was just crying, screaming, begging for me to make it stop. She had 4 baths that day.  Despite all this, she still managed to eat her meals and drink plenty of fluids.

Day 4

Lydia woke up in a much better mood, still itching but definitely better than day 3.  Later in the afternoon she started getting a fever again and some of her bigger spots looked infected and I was worried she was getting sepsis or something so I rang 111 who advised me to take her to the walk-in centre and made me an appointment as she was still infectious.  The Dr had a look and agreed that they were infected and prescribed her an antibiotic cream to apply on the infected spots

This is what an infected chicken pox spot looks likeLydia- CHICKEN POX.



Day 5

Lydia was feeling so much better today and her spots have started to scab.  I can’t even explain how much I want to pick her and obviously I wouldn’t and didn’t.


Day 6

No itching and all the spots have scabs on.

Day 7

Back to school, still spotty and self-conscious however she quickly got over it when she saw her friend Ivan who had also just gotten over chicken pox so they were spotty together

2 weeks later and the spots are still there and fading slowly.

Lydia chicken pox

(Dress and shoes from Roco Clothing)

A few handy tips 

  • Don’t use Ibuprofen

  • Cut nails

  • Use socks as scratch mitts,

  • Unlimited oaty baths (Porridge oats in a sock tied with a knot and placed under a running tap in the bath)

  • keep he/she cool as if they get too hot they itch more ( loose cotton t-shirt if they don’t want to be naked)

  • Stock up on Calamine lotion, Piriton, Calpol, Poxclin, Virasoothe

  • Keep he/she hydrated

  • Don’t pick

  • reassure them

  • keep Virasoothe gel and Poxclin in the fridge for extra relief when chilled

  • Ice poles to help keep the temperature down and stay hydrated

Read all about when Emily had chicken pox here.



  1. Clarel Clarke

    Glad to hear that she is better. Hope Milly vets over hers quickly.

  2. Catrina

    Hey thank you for this. Thomas has woken with chicken pox this morning and know its going to get worse! I am hoping Toby don’t get it but i guess he is guaranteed to get it x

    • Joanne

      Hi Catrina,
      I hope his started to feel better now hun, did you try the Virasoothe/Poxclin?

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