My Fairy Garden- Unicorn Garden Review

Create your own magical unicorn garden

Following on from My Fairy Garden, Interplay has brought out a new and exciting Unicorn Garden and with the popularity of unicorns at the moment this went down a treat with our girls.

Whats in the box

  • 1 x Unicorn garden bowl
  • 1 x Unicorn figure
  • 1 x Fairy figure
  • 1 x Mouse figure
  • 1 x Wishing well and acorn basket
  • 1 x Mushroom figure
  • 1 x Small jaw or glitter (magic)
  • 1 x Arbour
  • 1 x Fairy mushroom
  • 1 x Post with cord and bunting
  • 1 x Grass seed
  • 1 x Multi coloured gravel (for path)
  • 1 x Fairy flowers
  • 1 x Fairy dust (heart-shaped glitter) in a vial
  • 1 x Colour activity booklet


The Unicorn Garden

These kits offer children a delightful experience of imaginative open-ended play whilst discovering the magic of growing real plants.

Watching Emily create her own Unicorn Garden was not only exciting and fun for me but also for her to experience. Creating the Unicorn Garden is so much fun as its YOUR garden so you can place the contents wherever you want. The Garden does not come with soil, but you can just pop into your garden and get some or buy a cheap bag and then they can plant other things later.

When the bowl was filled with soil, Emily sprinkled the grass seed all over. Once she had finished placing the contents, she sprinkled the magic fairy dust (glitter in the vial) all over her garden and we found a home for it on our window sill.

The little figures are so cute and she loves taking them out and just playing with them, but she has to put them back after or the magic won’t work.


My fairy Garden- unicorn garden review

Over the next week I secretly watered the garden and within a few days, the new grass had started to sprout. I shouted Milly to come downstairs “Something ‘Magical’ has happened”, I lifted her up to see the fairy grass poking up through the soil. Her face lit up with the biggest smile and she said “Wowwwww…”


The grass grows really quick and will need trimming down after a week which Emily liked helping me do. Then the magic continues as it carries on growing.

Would I buy this product?

I would, yes. It would also make an awesome birthday gift for a boy or a girl.  I loved watching Emily think about what went where and seeing her eyes light up when she saw the magic grass that the fairy grew. She checks on her every day. The Rrp for this product is £19.99 and can be brought from any good toystore.

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***I was sent this product in return for an honest review***



  1. Clarel Clarke

    Milly really looks as though she is enjoying herself and really concentrating on getting it right

    Well done

    • Joanne

      She really enjoyed making this and watching it grow. She also loves taking the figures of and playing with them, It is lovely hearing the little stories with her imagination x

  2. Clarel Clarke

    Love children when their imagination is left to run wild. Well done Jo

  3. Kayleigh Watkins

    My 6 year old daughter would absolutely love this set, she has a fairy door in her bedroom, and would love this in the garden, they are a good price too, she is 7 in august so I might get her a set xx

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