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♡ EverDreamerz, Dream together ♡

Disclaimer- I was sent these products in return for an honest review. All thoughts and opinions are our own.

Playmobil has been around forever, I remember playing with it when I was little and my eldest, Leo (14) playing with it when he was little so I was so pleased when my two girls took a liking to it last year when we got a sent a Mars space station to review and from then on their obsession and collection has grown.

Milly and Lydia can spend hours in their bedroom making up stories and mixing sets together to create one big adventure with all the different characters and they love it when I join in, so you can imagine their little faces when we got sent the Ever Dreamerz Series two dolls to review.

Who are the EverDreamerz?

The EverDreamerz are five friends Rosalee, Viona, Edwina, Clare and Starleen. Who venture to Edwina’s colourful Comic City dreamscape, where everything can be both drawn and erased. The girls make a big mess, ending up with all colour being removed from the world. The five friends have to team up with several unique characters along the way to restore the colour.

The Evil Lady Nightmare tries to turn the girl’s dreams into nightmares, but the power of friendship unites them, and they go on to meet plenty of unique supporting characters along the way. There is also a catchy theme song which you will love and won’t be able to stop singing, even when the kids are at school you will find yourself either humming or singing it.

The EverDreamerz is aimed at slightly older kids aged 7 years + and this due to them containing some smaller parts. There are two different product ranges within the EverDreamerz Comic World. The five main girls figures in a big surprise box  (£14.99 each) and 12 surprise characters in smaller surprise boxes which are £5.99 each.

The main girls come in a bigger box to the additional characters and are full of surprises which I will explain now step by step.

Each main girl box will show you their character on the front but don’t worry as there are plenty of other surprises inside to keep the kids excited and in suspense. There is a tear line where it says ‘Open me here’ so that your child can open this easily and then the sleeve will slide off and reveal the inside box which will look like this and on the other side is a poster of your character for you to keep.

Inside you will see a really cool colouring box where you can colour in all the little pictures as well as reveal the magical amulet. Open it up and you will find a secret box.

Keep in mind that these yellow boxes are reusable and you can store all your new little bits from the blinds bags inside to keep them safe, but be careful not to rip them when opening them.

Inside the first box is your collectors guide which will show you all the characters you can collect in the series including the Ultra-rare figure ‘Colorista’ and her golden charm. You will get a bracelet with some beads and your characters lucky charm and their EverDreamerz magic pet.

I have to admit that it took me a good few minutes to figure out how to get the beads on the rubber band but when it clicked it was easy to do. The beads go on the end with the ring and you need to squish it together to poke it through the hole.

Once you have finished unboxing this part, just open up your box and there are two more re-usable yellow boxes as well as more surprises under the flaps which will have more blind bags inside.

Inside these bags you will find:

  • The character on the front of the box with a removable skirt that you can swap and use on the other girls in the series, some characters have clip-on buns for their hair too.
  • a character stand
  • Magic Pet which could either be a Flamingo, Panda, LLama, Meerkat or Cat
  • Collectable card
  • Stickers
  • Accessories which could be a paint pot, handbag, camera, pens, a teddy, art easel, paintbrushes, weights.
  • Water pen
  • Bag
  • A comic book and a comic sign prop which you can colour in with your water pen.

The only thing that confused me about this unboxing set was that there were no instructions on where to put some of the stickers that weren’t self-explanatory, so we had to guess. I think this is something that they should maybe rethink for the next series.

What’s inside the 12 surprise character boxes??

These are perfect for little pocket-money gifts or stocking fillers as they only retail for £5.99 each. The 12 figures you can collect in here are a complete surprise as on these boxes they do not show you what character you are going to get.

Inside you will find a collectors guide, Playmobil character, a charm, colour changing sticker and a trading card and accessories. This set does not come with a water pen but you can just wet your child’s finger and they can colour there sign in that way.

What we thought about EverDreamerz Series two

We love them and I think they are priced very reasonably for what you get inside. The whole unboxing experience is so much fun with all the different compartments to open and I love that they have reused the packaging as storage for all the little bits you get. What I also love about Playmobil and have always have loved is their attention to detail in their accessories.

There was minimal plastic used and I love the bright colours and the creativity behind the story. I think that this is a great set for any Playmobil fan to collect and has not disappointed. I know my girls, especially Emily will get hours upon hours of fun including her EverDreamerz into her collection.

You can see the full range of EverDreamerz on the Playmobil Website


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      Thank you 🙂 They are a rating of 1000 out of 10 according to Milly x

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