DNAVR – Virtual reality, an amazing experience like no other.

Ad- This is a collaborative post with DNAVR however, all thoughts and opinions are my own.

Wow! Such an amazing concept and experience! DNAVR is a virtual reality gaming centre that allows you and your family to connect and play in the virtual space together. From escape rooms to multiplayer madness, to single playing for those who just want to have a go, DNAVR is an experience like no other.

We have played VR games before, but only on a single system where you play alone or at best with just two of you. Here at DNAVR, you can connect to a virtual world and play together in the safety of an empty space where you are not at risk of falling over tables, chairs or other objects within your home.
Up to four of you can join a virtual escape room, where you have to work together to solve a puzzle and escape the room.

This is done in a large space with four connected headsets so you can work together. There are also single spaces which up to four (although we could do five) can connect to play VR games, either single or multiplayer. Each space is a small room where you have your own headset that allows you to move around and play safely.

Not only was it entertaining for David and the kids but it was hilarious for me watching them. Dave was a bit boring to watch as he was more controlled in his play however, Leo and the girls were extremely amusing from Leo’s facial expression (from what I could see), Lydia’s random movements and giggles and Emily walking into the wall and watching her making a virtual drink and trying to drink it.

As a spectator I got to see what was happening on the other side through the tv screens which were being monitored by a DNAVR crew member. The member of staff wore a headset and was there to help them navigate through the games and just assist them should they need it. This way I got to see what each of them were playing or doing which I found very interesting and how I knew Emily was making a drink.

The kids had an amazing time playing virtual cooking, killing zombies and flying around a large dome shooting each other out of the sky. I thoroughly enjoyed the experience and will definitely be going back there again. We attended the Hammersmith venue but there are others across London so plenty of opportunity. Hammersmith venue was located a 5 min walk from the tube station, so easy access.

You can book your experience on the website and prices are based on per/hour. Have a look at our other reviews on fun days out with the kids.

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