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Great Yarmouth is always fantastic with lots for the kids and us to do. That being said, we are always looking for excitement and adventure and boy were we spoiled at the Hippodrome’s circus spectacular. I have been to many circus events and shows but I can honestly say, the Summer Spectacular at The Hippodrome is one of the best we have ever seen.

From the off, The Rhythm Circus Aruba, an acrobatic group from Aruba, were captivating us with acrobatic skills. An amazing entry into what the show will hold, they appeared later with their teeterboard routine, which was phenomenal! Launching high into the air performing flips and somersaults that at times made you lose your breath.

The juggling skills of Abraham, including his dance moves based on Michael Jackson was an amazing display of skill, eventually juggling up to 12 balls all at the same time! Followed by the lovely Ukrainian Olena Demchuk performing on the aerial straps, which is a show I have always loved. The artistry and skill in spinning and rolling within the straps has always captivated me.

Part way through the show the intermission gives you a chance to get some more snacks, ice cream and more drinks. There are a range of snacks to choose from including sweets (the kids favourite), nachos with either cheese or salsa, or popcorn and small ice creams to keep the kids happy.

The second half of the show kicked off with what can only be described as breath taking, with your heart in your throat every second of the performance. The Wheel of Death is an adrenalin inducing performance that will have your face in your hands from start to end as you gasp from the crazy and wild stunts from the Columbian daredevils. This is honestly one to watch!

The aerial tango with Duo Stellare and the aerial moon with Sara Jane Macaggi, are beautiful performances mixed with acrobatics, jaw dropping physical strength, grace and skill. However, just when you thought the show couldn’t get any better, the stage arena magically transforms into a vivid and colourful pool where the Hippodrome Circus Show Swimmers entertain and enhance the performances with their synchronised swimming.

All of this building to the crescendo of the end of the show, a wild and wonderful display of talent, skills, death defying stunts and beautiful art. From beginning to end we were all amazed with every act. The kids had a wonderful time enjoying every minute of it.

With all the amazing acts on display, one duo that pulled everything together with marvellous comedy and silly humour was the ring master Jack alongside his lovable sidekick, Johnny. This pair had the audience laughing with silly gags, puns and prop jokes and really kept the children (and us) engaged while the equipment was changed between acts.

With events run throughout the year, including the upcoming Halloween Spooktacular and Pirate show during Easter next year, the Hippodrome is an absolute must see for everyone, if you are in Great Yarmouth, and even if you are not, it is well worth the trip just to attend. The shows and performances are world class and from beginning to end will keep you entertained, engaged and amazed. All pulled together well with the humorous duo, Jack and Johnny.

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  1. Clarel Clarke

    Looks amazing and would appear to be a worthwhile visit during the summer, Glad that you all had a great time

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