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Disclosure– We received gifted tickets in return for a review however, all thoughts and opinions are my own.

Windmill Adventure golf, is along the same road as the St Nicholas car park. It is about a ten minute walk from the car park to the attraction.

As a kid, David loved crazy / miniature golf, but he always complained that most miniature golf courses we had been to were too simple, without enough craziness. Enter Windmill Adventure Golf, a Hollywood themed golf course which has been converted from the historical Windmill Theatre in Great Yarmouth.

At Windmill adventure golf, each hole has a different theme with some amazing props and gimmicks to entertain you whilst you walk round the venue, taking multiple shots (certainly in my case) to get the ball in the hole. There are 13 holes in total. A warm up hole, which is just a simple ramp to get you into the swing of things, 9 holes within the venue, a ‘gambling hole’ – which is basically a large roulette wheel where whichever number your ball lands on you have to add it to your score – and finally a pinball hole, which if you are skilled enough could earn you a free game.

There were lots of shortcuts and little tricks that you could use to improve your score, provided you looked close enough, and the props were amazing. We loved the second hole (tomb raider), which has you walking into a Jurassic Park themed area with an amazing velociraptor greeting you as you come into the room. Dracula’s lair had a scary warlock in a cage that shook and spoke as you got near to it – and even made Emily move her ball back away from the hole so she didn’t have to go close to it!

Posters of famous stars and interesting pictures are all over the place to recognise the history of Hollywood and even a really cool mirror with a challenge to curl your tongue… you will have to go to see why that is funny.

All of us had an amazing time and the kids loved it. We all got really competitive and even though Leo and I are really bad at golf, we had such a laugh (and a cry at times) playing through. The Las Vegas roulette wheel was a lovely touch and can help to balance the playing field if you are lucky enough to land low – unfortunately David did, so he managed to keep his smug face and win!! – but it helped Emily come second, which she was really chuffed about.

There are tonnes of photo opportunities, really clever (and complex) holes, and amazing props to keep you entertained throughout, with good access for any wheelchair users. We thoroughly enjoyed it and would definitely go again.

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The building is wheelchair accessible and there is an elevator on the side of the building to allow access for those who cannot leave their chair. There are two holes that cannot be accessed by wheelchair, unfortunately, but that should not deter anyone interested in going as the rest of the venue does make up for this.


This attraction does not have public on-site toilets however, there is a safe crossing just outside of the building and the toilets are across the road along the sea front. They are free to use and were kept in good, clean condition on our visit. I would make sure you visit the toilets before you start playing as it would be quite disruptive if you had to pause the game.


Whilst we were at Great Yarmouth we parked in St Nicholas car park which is opposite the sea front attractions. It is a long stay carpark as we were visiting the sea front pretty much all day so that it why we decided to park here.

£6.00 for up to 4 hours
£9.30 for over 4 hours

Try find another working pay machine if one is not working, It will suggest you pay using there app but this adds an additional charge of 20p (It’s not much but it’s a bit cheeky if you have to do this because of there faulty machine).

We parked in the disabled bay however, we did discover on the second day that Blue badge holders can park on the sea front for Free for however long they needed.

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