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AD| Playmobil- EverDreamerz -Series two Review

♡ EverDreamerz, Dream together ♡ Disclaimer- I was sent these products in return for an honest review. All thoughts and opinions are our own. Playmobil has been around forever, I remember playing with it when…

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Meet Bonzo, Our new Puppy!!

A few months ago, a friend of mine posted a photo of her Lab on Facebook who had just given birth to a litter of 11 all black puppies. I messaged her to see if there was any left and fortunately for us, she had one left, a boy. I never envisioned myself having a boy and always thought that I would stick to girls. We had been thinking of getting a second dog for a while to keep Rosie company but was always put off by the process of finding another trustworthy breeder. However, as I already knew the person we were buying our pup from it was such an easy decision.

The next two months went by so fast and it was so strange not being able to meet our new puppy before taking him home. With Rosie, we went to see her twice before we took her home but due to Covid-19, this was not going to happen, especially as Bonzo was being brought up in a family home. We had spent the previous weeks preparing for him, buying his bed, puppy pads, toys, and learning about how to introduce a new puppy to another family dog.

Fast forward eight weeks and it was time to take him home. We had been sent regular updates and photos of him during this time, but it just wasn’t the same as being able to meet him beforehand so you can imagine the excitement for all of us was unreal.

David had a very energetic black Labrador growing up called Bonzo and he would tell us little stories about him, so it was a no brainer on the name for us and it really suits him too.

When we went to collect our new puppy, we were greeted by his mum and the kids were in their element seeing all these small, cute adorable puppy dogs running around playing with each other. They sat on the grass and all the pups came to play with them and all you could hear was laughing and cooing from them. Leo sat on the floor and the first puppy to come up to him was a pup with a light grey collar on (our pup). He sat in between Leo’s legs and rested for a short while before he started to play with him.

When we got home, David put Rosie in the garden with a new bone so that we could let Bonzo roam around downstairs and explore his new home and all the smells to go with it. He was so tiny and kept hiding under the table, and understandably the kids couldn’t leave him alone and neither could I, all we wanted to do is cuddle him and play but Bonzo was so tired after his journey, he needed to sleep so we left him to it.

After Bonzo had a little rest and woke up we put Rosie on her lead and took Bonzo into the garden so they could meet each other. Rosie was going nuts and kept trying to put her paw on him to knock him over and play, and was constantly sniffing him and his bum. We didn’t leave them unsupervised together for at least a few days because it took that time for Rosie to calm down and learn to be gentle with him.

His first night wasn’t half as bad as I thought it would be.

I thought that he was going to be how Rosie was on her first night and cry all night. However, the difference between the two was that Rosie was in a crate at night by herself, where Bonzo was in a puppy pen with Rosie as company. They sleep in the kitchen together but Bonzo is in his pen and Rosie is in her bed next to the pen and that’s only down to giving Bonzo his space to do his toilet on his pads. He woke up at 5.30am crying, which was really impressive for his first night, as he only has a tiny tummy so he was hungry.


Of course, you expect a puppy to have lots of accidents in the house whilst they are little and being trained, so these past two weeks have been eventful with cleaning up after him. We bought a stair gate to close off the hallway and living room so that we could confine Bonzo to one space, which led out to the garden and if we left the back door open, he would take himself outside to do his business on his own. When the door was closed, we had started to recognise signs from him which would indicate he was looking for a place to go. When he got up to have a sniff on the floor he would walk around in a circle and we would know to pick him up and take him outside. He is doing so well with this now and we have not had an accident in the house for a few weeks apart from on the puppy pads in the mornings.


Before we brought him home, Bonzo was being fed a different brand of food and we wanted to change him over to what Rosie ate. After a week we were running out of the brand he was on and found that we couldn’t actually buy it from the shop, as it needed to be ordered online. We had to wean him on to his new food and luckily, weaning him over to Millies Wolfheart was actually quicker than we thought it would be. I called the helpline and got some advice on how to change him over and they were very helpful. After their advice, we had him on 100% Millies in less than 48 hours. He has taken to this brand so well, his poos don’t smell half as bad as they did, which was a relief because I had been worried about transitioning him over due to how Rosie was before changing her food to Millies.

His personality

At first, naturally, he was very shy and getting used to his new home and family. It took a few days for Rosie to calm down around him but she has and it is so much better. Bonzo has gone from being shy to a bossyboots. He tried to hump the girls after a few days, which could have been due to a few things but we read online to not react to it. We taught the girls to simply get up and walk away from him and after a few days of this, he has stopped it. He knows when it’s his feeding time, boy does he know it. He loves playing with Rosie and they often chase each other for the toy that either one is playing with. It’s so sweet when they sleep as usually Bonzo will go and tuck himself next to her and cosy up.

Will update you all soon 🙂

Gifted | Fathers day with Moonpig

Sunday 21st of June

Disclosure: I was sent a gift voucher to spend at Moonpig, In exchange for my review. All thoughts and opinions are my own.

Fathers day in our house consists of David getting a lie-in till around 10.30-11am and then we all bombard him and wake him up with breakfast in bed and presents. He will usually spend the day watching a trilogy of some sort or playing on his Xbox and drinking beer, which is fine by me because on Mothers day the roles are reversed.

David and I have an agreement that because I cook during the week whilst he would usually be at work, that he would cook on the weekends but because of not being able to go out due to the pandemic, David’s been working from home and has basically been doing most of the cooking anyway, so he deserves a day off, don’t you think?

Fathers day planning has been different this year with all the non-essential shops only being reopened on Monday (15th) Even though high street shops are starting to re-open, a lot of people are still understandingly uncomfortable about visiting them with them being busy and not being able to maintain social distancing.  Also  with days rolling into one, time feels like it has just flew by and this is where Moonpig saved the day.

Moonpig has you covered from personalised cards to suit every occasion, gifts, flowers and plants, to food and drinks all delivered straight to the recipients door without you having to set one foot outside your own front door.

I have sent out four personalised Fathers Day cards to the important men in my life through Moon pig and it was very quick and easy to do, especially as I haven’t left the house in weeks.

Simply select the card you want to send and it will take you to a page where you can personalise it with text and pictures. Once you have finished, it will give you the option to either send it directly to the recipient or send it yourself with an extra envelope so that you can pass it on.  Once you have entered all the details, Moonpig will give you an option to save the event and will send you email reminders next year so you dont miss it.

Why not send a gift too?

Moonpig has a great selection of gifts you can send, either alongside your card or on its own, so that you can stay home and stay safe and still let your loved ones know how much you love and appreciate them.

MoonPig - Fathers Day


Download the Moonpig app and get 30% off your first card order



Hayfever | Kinetic Wellbeing Allergy Reliever review

Disclaimer- I brought this product with my own money. Loved it and needed to share it with you all.

Most of us are suffering right now with the rise of pollen and I for one am one of them. Well, I was until about a week ago, however this goes further back to 2014 which is the first time I had heard and tried this device.

I was pregnant with Lydia and was told that I shouldn’t take hayfever tablets and only stick to topical medications which were making no difference what so ever. I was at my sisters and she said that Graham (her husband) had been using an allergy reliever and really rated it and by this point I was desperate and even though I was very sceptical I went home and brought one and it was amazing.  I have no idea what happened to it back then.

My nose would either be running to the point i’d have to plug it with tissue paper and I’d be constantly sneezing OR It was completely blocked and I couldn’t breath out of my nose and would have to sleep with my mouth open during the night, I would either wake up with a sore throat or a headache. My eyes, used to itch so much to the point I would rub them so hard I would make my eyes red and sore.

Last week I was reminded about the clever little device I used to stick up nose, which prompted me to buy myself a new one. I found one on Amazon and it arrived the very next day, got to love Amazon prime!

Whats in the box:

  • 1 x Kinetik Medical Allergy Reliever
  • 1 x Lanyard
  • 1 x Nose Probes
  • 2 x AAA Batteries

I wasted no time getting it out of the box. It is super easy to set up because all you need to do is pop the 2 x AAA batteries (included in the box) into the device, put the probes up your nose and press the big button in the middle. It will make make two beeping sounds and the end of you nose will light up like Rudolph. After three minutes, it will beep eight times and your done, take it out of your nose, give it a wipe and store it away until your next use.

I use my reliever 3-4 times a day leaving 5-6 hours between each session. I also take my daily antihistamine tablet, Optrex itchy eye drops and Beconase nasal spray. I also use Hayfever face wipes when I remember. I should also mention that sometimes I have forgotten to take my antihistamine tablet and have still felt great.

How does it work?

The allergy reliever uses technology proven in clinical trials for the treatment of Allergic Rhinitis including some symptoms for Hayfever (seasonal Allergic Rhinitis)

This nifty little device works by using phototherapy of two different wavelengths. One wavelength promotes increased blood flow and circulation and the second wavelength (red light therapy) suppresses the cells that release histamine and reduces inflammation, thereby relieving the irritating symptoms of Allergic Rhinitis (Hayfever)


My own opinion

I wish I had brought this weeks ago and I am gutted that I didn’t think to buy it back then, however I am so glad I have it now because for me this has been amazing. I have been using it for just over a week and all of my symptoms have quickly improved. I have been able to sleep through the night and relax in the evenings without feeling like I am suffocating.

I cannot recommend this product enough if your a fellow sufferer like me. Anyone who knows me know how bad I suffer with this every year and for just under £20 on Amazon it was worth every single penny. I’m not saying that this is going to work for everyone but for me It has given me the chance to enjoy being outdoors  again comfortably with my kids.


Living Arrows- 7th week in lockdown

“You are the bows from which your children as living arrows are sent forth”

by Kahlil Gibran

I’ve not posted anything about lock down and how we are getting on with it on my blog yet so I thought I would give you all a little update on how we are are and what sort of things we have been up to this past week.

We are on our 7th week here. This kids are coping with it incredibly well and I am so blooming proud of them, we have hardly had many arguments or moaning about being bored which is a result as I have been trying my hardest to keep them busy.

Homeschooling started off great but after two days I relaxed a lot with the girls a little however Leo still has to stay in routine as he will be going into Year 10 in September. Leo’s History teacher emailed me this week to tell me how impressed he was at the standard of work Leo is producing and that its all been sent in on time, Leo was chuffed and loved the appreciation.

I have been going to see my mum every Saturday, taking a flask of tea, my chair and blanket so I can sit with her (3 metres apart ) in the garden and spent time with her as she gets very lonely through all of this. It gives us both something to look forward to each week.

We have been playing Bingo every night with the kid’s. They all have their own clipboards with their tickets and they really look forward to playing every evening. They only win a bag of sweets but they love it.

We received our baby caterpillars 15 days ago and we have been so fascinated watching them grow from being tiny to now being all wrapped up snug in their cocoons. Now they are in their net and we are anxiously waiting for them to hatch.

This week I made some of Donna’s  (What the Red Head Said) slow cook white chocolate fudge. They tasted amazing so next time I am making milk choc fudge.

We have been going enjoying long dog walks together for our daily exercise which Rosie has been loving. She received a Lickimat this week from our Amazon wish list group over on Face book and she loves it.

The girls wanted to do a YouTube challenge so, earlier this week they did each other’s make up blindfolded.