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AD |How Many Times Can You Claim Compensation from the CICA

Claiming criminal injury compensation can be a long process. Due to the sensitive nature of the situation, the Criminal Injuries Compensation Authority only allows victims to claim once for each criminal incident. Can you reopen…

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Review | UniVerse collectible surprise unicorns

Ad/gifted products- We received these products in exchange for the purpose of this review, all thoughts and opinions are our own

UniVerse Surprise toys retail for £5 each and there are over 40 of these cute little Unicorns to collect.

UniVerse is an emoji inspired soft cloud toy and inside the cloud there are four blind bags to reveal, but how do we get to the blind bags?

Simply submerge the cute little cloud into a bowl of warm water and after a few seconds you will see the water change colour and the cloud starting to disintegrate leaving sticky slime and revealing your bags.

You will need to grab a tea towel for this part as it can get very sticky, the bags are all safely protected in a sealed bag which you will need to open to take your surprise’s out of. I would also lay something on the table as It can get a bit messy with the slime.

Both girls had so much fun opening the bags especially when they saw the Unicorns, they LOVE unicorns. In each cloud surprise you will get one unicorn , a pet, two accessories and scratch card with that particular unicorns likes, dislikes and favorite food. You can also swap and change the accessories with another Uni-Verse Unicorn if you have ‘un-boxed’ more than one.

You can use the Unicorns horn to reveal your scratch card but Emily wanted to use a scratchy pen that she already had. They love going through the collectors guide to see what their Unicorns names are and what type of rarity they are.

Who did we get?

This one is called Super Stariana from superstar city and she loves bows, dislikes hot sauce and her favourite food is toffee apples

This one is called Jam-Boree Jamie and she is from sweet treats landing. She loves palm trees, dislikes scratching and her favourite food is sponge cake.

Meet Anne- Artica from Mist-terious land, she is a translucent Unicorn. She loves snowmen, dislikes the sun and her favourite food is hot chocolate.

And last but not least we have Dilly Dolly Dotty from Funtasy land. She is extra unique and she loves socks, dislikes combs and her favourite food is pie.

What we thought:

The girls loved that you had to submerge the cloud into warm water to get to the surprise bags but didn’t like the slime or the smell of the slime, however, the Unicorns and accessories made it all worth it at the end and they love playing with them. I  think these are worth the £5 price tag but I wouldn’t pay anymore for them.

How to prepare for a long car journey with kids

During the 2019 summer holidays, we travelled down to Cornwall for the week with the kids which is a five, six-hour journey from where we live. Unfortunately, an hour into our return journey, David’s cambelt blew as we were driving which instantly wrote the car off leaving us stranded for 3-4 hours which sucked. However, it gave me a great idea for a blog post .

Before you leave:

  • Make sure you have breakdown cover and it’s up to date.
  • Get yourself a Dash cam to record your journey in case of any accidents, we used a Nextbase 422GW*.
  • Make sure you have a spare Tyre in your boot ( depending on the age of your car, newer car’s don’t come with a spare Tyre) or get yourself a Tyre inflator ( we also experience a slow puncture whilst we were there and used our Ring tyre inflator* which did the job)
  • Check your oil and water.

Handy tips for the journey:

  • Go to the loo before you leave and take regular breaks to stretch their legs and for more toilet breaks.
  • We fully charged our power banks and took plenty of USB leads with us- Kept both our phones fully charged and managed to fully charge the kid’s tablets more than once.
  • Fully charge the tablets the night before you leave.
  • I packed the kids a backpack each which included a blanket, sunglasses, colouring book, notebook, colouring pencils and their headphones.
  • Pack plenty of snacks.
  • We were sent Hydro flasks* each for our family holiday which are absolutely amazing and kept our drinks nice and cold for hours. We filled them up at every stop and I packed a little Squash’d concentrate bottle which made up to 20 drinks.
  • Take toilet roll and a portable potty if you still have one just in case they are busting but there’s nowhere to stop for miles.
  • Play car games like eye-spy, guess the song by humming, spot the yellow car, alphabet memory game etc
  • Pack lots of their favourite Cd’s or a USB stick with them on if you do not have a Cd player in the car like us.
  • Pack spare clothes, plastic bags, alcohol gel and tissues and keep them close in case of any travel sickness.

I was gifted the items with an * next to them in return for inclusion in this post





Easy DIY world Book Day Costume’s

World book day is just around the corner and some parents are a lot more organised than others and have already started to plan their kids costumes well in advance, or, some parents are like me and like to leave it to the last minute and then start to panic. I have two kids in primary school and for the short few years that they have been there we have only been able to choose a book our self as the school usually picks one.

The first year we could pick our favorite book and at the time Lydia’s was ‘Dear Zoo’ by Rod Campbell. I browsed Pinterest, as you do and I came across something completely different to your standard costume and she won the best costume in her year group. Find out how I made this here.

world book day

In 2019 the girls school chose the book ‘ The day the crayons quit’.  I had never read this book before then and what a wonderful book it is to read. The costumes were also so easy and cheap to make.

Another Book idea was from Roald Dahl Day when Lydia dressed up as Miss Honey wearing a pretty dress she already had, clear glasses from Claire’s accessories and I had printed out a book cover and stuck it over the top of a  McDonald book that she had got in her happy meal. Emily dressed up as Matilda and all we did was print out a picture of a lizard and stuck it on a clear bottle filled with a little bit of water.

Here are some more fun and fantastic idea’s from other parents.

Thing 1 and Thing 2 by Boo Roo and Tigger Too

Ella from Typical Mummy Said:

I always have to think of ideas whereby he can wear his own clothes so he feels like he isn’t “dressing up”, but then he takes in some props so he is still joining in. One year he took a bucket of dinosaurs with him, so was “Harry and his Bucketful of Dinosaurs.” He’s also been Charlie from “Charlie and the Chocolate Factory” and I made him a Wonka Bar (by decorating a bar of Dairy Milk) and a Golden Ticket. Last year he was the Mad Hatter so I bought a cheap hat on eBay and added ribbon and feathers and a 10/6 note.
All very simple and easy, meaning he could still join in without feeling like he was properly dressing up!


Emma from All she loves has put together an easy guide for last minute world book day costumes made from things at home which is very useful and handy with really good idea’s.

Tina from Mother Geek has made Mog from Meg and Mog.

Andrea from Bluebearwood has some fantastic idea’s over on her blog.

Emily from EmilyandIndiana dressed up as Kittie Lacey from The Fairytale Hairdresser.


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World book day costume ideas

The Knight Tribe | DIY Teachers Thank you gift

As the summer holidays drew closer I wanted to do something nice but different for the girl’s teachers to say thank you for everything but without spending a fortune on gifts. Between the girl’s classrooms there two teachers and three teaching assistants and in my opinion, the teaching assistants are just as important as the teachers, so I browsed the web for cheap and affordable gift idea’s and these cute little plant pots popped up, they were perfect and just what I had been looking for.

All you needed is:

  • Plant pots with saucers
  • Sugar soap
  • Chalkboard paint
  • Sharpie pen
  • Masking tape ( optional, I did mine free hand)
  • Soil
  • Flowers
  • Chalk

I already had a bag of soil in the garden and the chalkboard paint in my cupboard so where would I find these plant pots that wouldn’t cost me a small fortune? Amazon, of course. I brought 8 pcs 4″ small plant pots with saucers for just £8.99

Before I painted my plant pots with the chalkboard paint I made sure to give them a quick wipe over with the sugar soap spray to remove any grease so that the paint would go on smoothly.

Then I painted free-hand around my flower pots and tried to leave an inch gap at the top of the pot so I could then create my ruler effect at the end. I advise you to use masking tape around the top when you come to paint these and it will look so much neater.

Fortunately for us, it was the hottest day of the year when I painted mine and they dried outside within twenty minutes instead of the two-hour stated on the back of the tin. You will also need to do two coats for a better finish.

Once they have all dried, use a black sharpie pen to create the ruler look around the top of the plant pot and some chalk to write the teachers name on the plant pot.

For the gift tags, you will need:

  • Printer
  • Laminator and a sheet of laminate paper
  • Velcro
  • Glue gun
  • Plant name sticks.
  • Cellophane and some ribbon

For the gift labels, I looked online for a free template and then I just edited a photo into it which I had taken that morning of the girls holding their ‘Last day of Year 1/ Reception’ sign.  I printed the tags out and laminated them.

I cut off mall strips of velcro and used my hot glue gun to stick one side of the velcro to the name stick as the other side of the velcro was sticky so I used that for the back of the name tag itself.

And just like that they were done and I got a huge sense of satisfaction knowing that I had made these all by myself. It took me about an hour to make all five of these and the children really loved giving them to their teachers and of course their teachers loved them.

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