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Sdr – 8 years on

November 16th 2010 will always be an important date in our lives. On that day Leo underwent a life changing operation in St Louis USA. This operation we hoped would give Leo the chance to stand on his own and ultimately walk. We had fundraised and travelled to the U.S because at the time SDR was not available on the NHS. Leo was 4 years 11 months and had been diagnosed as having Spastic Diplegia Cerebral Palsy for almost 3 years. Although Leo could not stand or walk he could pull himself up on furniture and got around by high knee crawling. This mean Leos world was almost all indoors. He was unable to play outside of his garden without literally ripping his knees to pieces. He did go to nursery but couldn’t understand why his legs didnt work the same as his friends. He thought a lot about what he couldn’t do and this became obvious when the U.S Dr asked Leo what did he want to be able to do and Leo answered ‘go to the toilet without mum watching.’

The Knight Tribe- SDR


I am not going to sugar coat this. The experience of fundraising was tough, its hard to talk about what your child can’t do. Hard asking strangers for help, hard standing outside shops with collection tins but we were really lucky in the number of people that helped us reach the target we needed. Listening to his doctors here advising us not to go ahead, telling us Leo needed his spasticity for the little control he did have of his legs, Hard going against their advise. Hard defending yourself on why you were intent to put your healthy child through such a traumatic operation so far from home when there was no guarantee the operation would even make any difference. However we knew without this chance Leo would definitely be in a wheelchair and dependant on others for the rest of his life. That the spasticity would cause damage to the rest of his body . Cause more pain as its a proven fact spasticity causes premature aging of the muscles throughout his whole body. Even muscles not affected by spasticity age as they compensate for the muscle groups that are affected.

Once we arrived at St Louis Children Hospital and met Dr Park and his team we knew without a shadow of doubt we had made the right decision and no matter what the outcome was we would be able to look Leo in the eye and tell him we gave him every chance we could.

For us the outcome was amazing. Three days post op Leo stood clinging to Mike ( the physio) and placed his feet flat on the floor. By the following week he was standing with a walking frame days after that he rode a therapy bike and most amazingly of all 6 weeks after the SDR Leo walked for the first time. First of all a few shaky lurching steps very quickly became more confident. He could now go to the toilet without his mum watching, He could also help himself to drinks and food from the fridge. He would often be recognised when he was out and about because he had been featured heavily in our local paper  and people would come over to talk to him and say how surprised they were he was so mobile.

Leo is now almost 13 and has continued to become more and more independent. He has completed 5k fun runs, can go up and down stairs on his own, Can look after his own personal hygiene and very recently completed 5 widths of his school swimming pool. This week he prepared cottage pie for his family not only using a knife but allowing his hands to get dirty. Leo doesn’t like getting his face wet or his hands dirty.

To say he is totally independent would not be true. He has to use a K Walker around school ( more to stop people bumping into him as he falls easily). During growth spurts his walking becomes unstable and he falls. The cold weather makes his gait worse and occasionally uses his wheel chair if he is expected to stand for any length of time ( i.e. church parade with his scout troupe). He still gets upset that he cant keep up with his peers and complains that he has to go to bed earlier than his friends.

That said we have absolutely no regrets regarding SDR and would go through it all again in a heartbeat. Luckily SDR is now being carried out in the UK following Dr Parks technique

Leo underwent Selective Dorsal Rhizotomy which is a life changing operation for children/adults who have cerebral palsy performed by the legend which is Dr Park and then two weeks later Leo had more surgery performed by Dr Matthew Dobbs to lengthen his hamstrings and heel cords in both legs both of these were carried out in St Louis hospital in Missouri.


The Knight Tribe- SDR


DesignaFriend Vip press event-London


On Saturday 27th October, Lydia and I were invited to a DesignaFriend VIP style press event in London. I told her about this a few weeks prior and she had been talking about it non-stop ever since; she was especially excited for one-on-one time with mummy.

As we approached the event venue, which is called The Icetank in Covent garden, we could see the DesignaFriend banner and a red carpet welcoming us as VIP’s.  As we got closer, we could see inside and her little face had the biggest smile.

Inside we were greeted by the lovely Rachel, who looks after DesignaFriend’s PR, and she gave Lydia her name sticker, directed us downstairs to hang up our coats and to have lots and lots of fun.

All the dolls were set out for the children so they could see the variety of dolls they can collect, aswell as seeing all the fashionable stylish outfits they can wear. 

We made our way down the swirly stairs and as we got to the bottom, Lydia’s little jaw dropped. Everything Lydia loved was down there; pink, arts and crafts, and a little hair and nails salon.

The Knight Tribe- DesignaFriend- VIP press event

All the stations were named after the dolls.

Milly’s styling salon, which had a charm jewellery making table that consisted of sets from Interplay’s craft box charm jewellery ranges – mermaid, fairies and unicorns, three of Lydias favourite things.

Lydia also had her nails painted in Milly’s styling station. She chose a lovely turquoise colour using Fablabs style lab to match the colour in her hair. I personally love these nail varnishes as they painted on so nice, they didnt need two coats and dried fast too. Another great thing about these is that they just peel off when you want to either choose another colour or to take it off for school.

There was a little hair salon where she could have her hair styled and have colours added using Fablabs style lab hair chalk. Lydia chose the same colour as her nails, which surprised me as I thought she would go for pink, but I think she just wanted to be different. The hair chalks are great too and easy to use. The colour was vibrant and washed out easily that night.

It was lovely watching her have her hair styled. She looked so adorable just sat there smiling in the Hollywood styled mirror like a little celeb.



Also downstairs was:

Ella’s fashion school where the children got to design their very own outfit using materials and bows used on the actual dolls. They had everything set out from the fabric, bows, a huge variety of different shades of glitter, paint sticks by Little Brian – which are brilliant as they do not make a mess and dry instantly – glue sticks, scissors and everything a little fashion designer would need for her board.

After having a really fun time downstairs we decided to go upstairs and explore. The first thing Lydia spotted was the pink lemonade and all of the delicious tasty treats. There was DesignaFriend cookies, dainty cupcakes and biscuits decorated with edible flowers. They certainly know how to make little people feel very special and important. She was in her element and so was I.

Bella’s glamping tent was a huge tent styled to match the DesignaFriend glamping tent, which was also set out in the middle for the kids to play with. There were other furniture sets, set up from their range like the dolls house. Lydia loved the dolls house.

Last but not least was Arianna’s photo studio where the girls could dress up and twin with their dolls for a special photoshoot.  Lydia chose a pug onesie for her and her doll Ella and off she went to get changed ready to be papped.

Here is one of the photo’s we got to keep.

The Knight Tribe- DesignaFriend- VIP press event

Lydia was given a very generous DesignaFriend gift bag before we left that was almost as big as her. It was full of lots of goodies and included:

-DesignaFriend Doll, she was thrilled to receive Ella.

-DesignaFriend Outfit, Lydia received a winter wonderland outfit in Pink that included glittery leggings, a pink top, sparkly skirt ,pink boots, a beautiful winter coat and a fluffy headband to complete the look.

-DesignaFriend gold handbag.

-Fablab face glitter tattoo’s.

-Snow fairy charm jewellery.

-Little Brian Day glow paint sticks.

The morning had gone so fast as we was having so much fun, but all good things must come to an end so off we went back downstairs to get our coats on and say our thank yous and goodbyes.

To WirePR and DesignaFriend, thank you so much for inviting us both. You really made my beautiful girl feel extremely special and we thoroughly enjoyed our day. It couldn’t of gone any better and all of the staff were so friendly and approachable with big smiles on their faces.



The Knight Tribe- DesignaFriend- VIP press event

Lola (left) Lydia received for her birthday and  Ella (right) received from the DesignaFriend event.

Wally The Washer table top game review and GIVEAWAY!!!!!

Fill your washing line to win!

Put all the clothes into Wally and watch him spin!

Young children just love watching the clothes spinning round in their washing machine at home – and now they can have their own toy version, meet Wally the Washer.

What’s in the Box? ;

  • 1x wally the washer
  • 4x washing lines
  • 20x clothes pieces
  • 1x sock
  • 1x clothes peg
  • Sticker sheet and instructions.

You will need 3 AAA batteries for this game as they are not included.

It is a very easy game to set up and a really easy game to play.

(David explaining to the kids how to play)

Once set up, each player picks which colour washing line they want to be and then the youngest goes first.

(Preview of a full washing line.)

The aim of the game:

When it is your turn, press the washing powder button down and Wally will stop spinning and spit out a random mixture of washing.

Each player then has to take their colour washing and hang it on their washing lines.


There is a catch!

There is one smelly sock inside the washing machine and If that comes out with the washing on your turn then you have to wear the peg on your nose until the next person gets the smelly sock on there go.

The game is finished when the player who has retrieved all their matching washing first wins.

We keep on playing for a 2nd, 3rd and last place so that the game isn’t over quickly.

It is not a fast-paced game, so reduces arguments between the kids in regards to the quickest person grabbing their washing first as everyone has their own colour to collect. The game doesn’t take long to finish so you don’t mind playing over and over again and the kids thoroughly enjoyed playing, especially Emily.

This game would make a wonderful birthday/Christmas gift for a young child, it also teaches young children to learn simple colours and basic counting whilst also playing with Wally as a toy and in my opinion worth the £24.99.

To win your very own, you can enter below.
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For more information and stockists



***I was sent this game in return for an honest review, all opinions are my own.***

RainbocoRns Sequin Suprise by Zuru Toys


The Knight Tribe- Rainbocorns


All the way from Rainboville the Rainbocorns have arrived and with 12 to collect we, we couldnt wait to get started.

Your cute little plush is covered in a bright plastic egg shell with a unicorn horn on the front.  Lydia was so excited to crack this egg open and see what was inside. On the front of the Egg there is a heart shaped reversible sequin patch which is covered by clear packaging tape to stop you trying to get a sneaky peak of the suprise under the sequins before you have unwrapped it.

The egg is also covered in question marks and love hearts to make the reveal even more intriguing. Once Lydia had removed the packaging around the egg she brushed her little hand over the heart to reveal a DIAMOND, and I kid you not this girl squealed when she saw what was inside.

A big bright pink with glittery eyes, rainbow hair, unicorn horn and wings plush toy.  

Also inside the bottom piece of the shell there is another little suprise hidden which she was very keen to investigate, she removed the top part of the  little egg inside to reveal her very own Boo-Boocorn and it was a Kittycorn.

There are 22 different Boo-Boocorns to collect with 3 in each category.

Hamstercorns, puppycorns,, bunnycorns, kittycorns, monkycorns and Unicorns.

But can you find the RARE Boo-Boocorn TWINS?  these also come in the same 6 categories with 12 pairs to collect.

Inside the egg you will also receive the famous collection guide with all of the Rainbocorns and Boo-Boocorns to collect.

Each Rainbocorn has a name and our’s is called ‘Hopcorn’

Once you have unleashed your suprise’s you can pop the sequin love heart out of the shell and simply clip it on to your Rainbocorns heart which is now complete and ready to be cuddled and played with, you can also use the sequin heart clip in your hair.

The Knight Tribe- Rainbocorns

The egg shell case makes a very cute storage option for your child’s bedroom too.

Rainbocorns have their own webisodes which you and your children can enjoy watching together. Lydia and Emily especially love this one. Their favourite part is when GiGi throws a pretend ball to Scruff so he would go and let her sleep as they do this to Rosie our dog and then laugh when she chases thin air.

How much Is a Rainbocorn sequin suprise?

Rainbocorns are priced at £24.99 and are available from Argos, Smyths, The Entertainer, Asda and B&M. Monkeycorns are sold exclusively in Argos.

They do not need batteries and do not make any noise, so your child’s imagination can run wild with creativity during play time and also have a new bedtime buddy to cuddle up too at night.


Lydia also wanted to draw her own picture here for you all to see, what do you think?



The Knight Tribe- Rainbocorns

***We were given this product in exchange for a review however all opinions are honest and are own***

Creepy Zuru Robo Alive- Crawling Spider

At the back of our house we have a meadow which means we get ALOT of spiders, this does not mean we are used to them its quite the opposite. All of us including David do not like them but I just had to review one of these because they looked so cool and I just knew my children despite not liking spiders would love this and I was right.

The knight Tribe- Zuru robo alive crawling spider

The spider is a decent size with a red marking on its back, similar to the red back spider and has a furry life-like body.  If I was to place it on the palm of my hand it would take up most of it.

The knight Tribe- Zuru robo alive crawling spider

Turning it on its back the spider has two lines of brittle brushes which helps it glide along hard flooring quickly like a real spider would. The spider will not work on carpet.

The knight Tribe- Zuru robo alive crawling spider

When placed on the floor it moves fast and the legs guide around any obstacles that get in the way so you dont have to keep moving it when it gets  stuck.

It’s on/off switch is located above the brushed underneath the spider and the batteries are included so you can start playing as soon as you get  it. It is recommended for children 3 years +

The knight Tribe- Zuru robo alive crawling spider

I can see us having a lot of fun with this little arachnid. Emily has even given it a name ‘Shirley’ haha Shirley the Spider and she carries it around with her everywhere, she even wanted to take it to school and scare her friends. Shirley sleeps next to her at bedtime which by the way would be so hilarious if she had woke up and forgot she had put it there, mean mummy.

This hair little critter would make an excellent gift or stocking filler for both girls and boy and even adults, I know a few adults who would be over the moon with one of these.

Available to buy at from Argos and Amazon