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The Hair Helper Review and GIVEAWAY!!!!!!

  The Hair helper is a storage solution for hair clips and bobbles with space for a hairbrush on the side to keep all those pretty hair accessories in one place so they are easy…

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Lydia Reviews The Deluxe Glam goo pack – GIVEAWAY

Make Slime Fashionable with Glam Goo!

Slime has just got fashionable with Glam goo. With the Deluxe pack, you can carry your slime around with you in an attractive glitter purse and even wear a diamond shaped ring with your goo inside and no one would ever know (unless you showed them).

The Knight Tribe -Glam Goo Review

Lets take a look in the box:

  • Tub of (clear slime)  glam goo
  • Two sparkle colours-Electric Blue and Pinky Promise
  • One scent (Violet Vibes)
  • Three slime decorations (Cloud Crunch, Daydreams, and Unicorn Tears)
  • Mixing Spoon
  • Glitter Purse
  • Double ring

Creating Glamourous Goo

This is right up Lydia’s street, She loves fashion and glitter so the fact that she can now carry her slime around with her brings this to a whole new level of awesome.

The purse has 9 sections to make all sorts of different concoctions with a lid to cover them all so they don’t mix in together when being carried.

There are a few ingredients in the information guide for you to try too before you let your imagination go wild.

You can scent your goo with the Violet Vibes so it smells lush, play with it to get into Zen mode or take your slime with you in your fashions!

Glam Goo has accessory packs which can be purchased separately and played together with the deluxe pack to make new and exciting goo. Start with clear or fluffy, mix in sparkles, fill your accessories and wear!

The Knight Tribe -Glam Goo Review

Fantasy pack and confetti pack


The fantasy theme pack comes with two wearable slime accessories (heart necklace and rainbow charm) and also Includes a container of Glam Goo (clear slime), three slime decorations (Mermaid Wishes, Cosmic Dust, and Unicorn Fuzz), two shimmer colours (Mint Skies and Magic Hour) and one scent (Rose Mist).

The Confetti theme pack comes with two wearable slime accessories (bow bracelet and bunny charm) and Includes a container of Glam Goo (fluffy slime), two slime decorations (Dance Mix and Rainbow Party), two shimmer colours (Have Fun and Happy) and one scent (So Peachy). Theme Packs sold separately.


Would I buy this product?

Short answer, Yes I would. I think this product is good value for what you get and the amount of fun Lydia had from it creating her own sparkly goo would make the price totally worth it.

The Knight Tribe -Glam Goo Review

Lydia is very happy as she has now made some glittery sparkly unicorn goo


For a chance to win your own Deluxe pack you can enter my giveaway below.
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Glam Goo Deluxe pack retails at £29.99 and the accessory packs retail at £15.00 each

Recommended for ages 6+

Available at all good toy stores

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***I was sent these products in return for a honest review on my blog***

The Knight Tribe – I have 4D Volume eyelash extensions

Now we all know I am a huge fan of beauty treatments. I love all types of beauty treatments including aesthetics as well as surgical procedures. My friend approached me to ask If I would like to try eyelash extensions as her Auntie was looking to advertise her business with a local influencer (blogger) of course I said yes.

During my eyelash extension procedure with Rezarta

So, what are 4D volume eyelash extensions?

4D lashes means that each fan has 4 artificial lashes which will be applied to one of your own single eyelash.

How long did it take?

From start to finish I’d say 45-50 minutes

Did it hurt?

No, not at all. I was soo relaxed I could of fell asleep.

Have any lashes fallen out?

Yes, I have had a few which have fallen out but that has been mainly down to me touching them. I have had these on now for over two weeks and they are still going strong.

The extensions will shed with the natural growth cycle of your own lashes and will last as long as you continue to get the filled in (infill)

How do I look after them?

To make the most out of your beautiful lashes, avoid getting them wet for the first 24 hours and use the lash comb given to you every morning and when needed to gently brush them.

You can also wash them which will help keep them strong, by mixing baby shampoo with a little bit of water and simply brush through. Dirty lashes = damaged lashes.  If you don’t clean your lash extensions, then sweat, dirt, makeup, and other accumulated gunk can clog your lash follicles. Most of the time, this yuckiness is so small that you can’t see it, but it’s still there causing damage to your natural lashes.

How much did it cost?

£38.00 for 4D lashes and Infills are £33

How often will I need a Infill?

This will depend on your eyelash growth and how well you maintain your lashes. Usually every 2-3 weeks

Are they really worth it?

Definitely. The volume of the lashes really make your eyes stand out and if you are a busy mum like myself and don’t have time to do your make up every morning.

I feel like I don’t need to put on any make up now that I have these lashes. It’s crazy just how much of a difference they make to your face and I have had soo many compliments about them.

Rezarta completed her training 6 months ago and has already built up a good clientele in the Peterborough area.

She works on an appointment basis only and also offers classic, 2D and 3D and mixed lashes.

For more information, prices and to book your appointment, you can contact her on 07957203677. She also has a Facebook page which you can go to by clicking here.

Me with 4d volume eyelash extensions completed


*** I received these 4D volume eyelash extensions in return for an honest and open review, I enjoyed my visit to Rezarta and my lashes are just fantastic. ****



Starving myself to be a size 0. Was it an eating disorder?????

People are starting to talk more openly now about eating disorders. I had never thought of having one myself up until recently.

Me when I was 13-14 years old before It all started

It all started when I was 18 and after giving birth to my son Leo. I didn’t like my post-partum body it was vile and made me feel sick just looking at it. I would go to sleep crying wishing I had never had him because he had ruined my body. I was fat and covered in stretch marks.

Me 9 months pregnant with my oldest son

I remember size Zero being all over the TV, magazines, newspapers and Myspace and that was where my eating disorder started. I had never needed to go on a diet before, I didn’t even know how to diet. I had tried endless creams for my stretch marks but NOTHING worked.

Soon I realized that the only thing I could control was what I put into my mouth and I was desperate to have my pre baby body back, I had even brought myself some size 0 (uk4) Jeans as my goal.

So I started to eat just one apple a day and a tiny bit of cheese and when I say that was all I ate I am not lieing. The pounds started to drop off and I would give myself daily targets to loose 1 pound a day. My scales had been used and abused.

It wasn’t long until my family started to comment on my dramatic weight loss telling me how ill and gaunt I looked. I just got angrier and angrier and kept thinking about why they couldnt just be happy for me instead or being so negative over something I felt soo good about.


size zero

I did read my size goal of being a Size 0 however not even 2 weeks after hitting my target I developed a nasty cough and became really poorly with it to the point it was choking me.

The doctor prescribed antibiotics but they didnt work. Fast forward 5-6 months and I still had this awful cough which was not budging. It turned out it was not responding to the antibiotics because I was so malnourished. I had no choice but to start eating again and it took me absolutley ages to turn it around.
Size zero and really ill

Now I am 31 years old, 3 children later with my partner who I have been with for nearly 7 years.  I am not bothered one tiny little bit about my stretch marks, I actually love them now as they are my warrior stripes from my kids. My weight does bother me at the moment but not to the extent like it used too. I love pigging out on food and sweets I know I shouldn’t indulge on and I do not regret a single doughnut that I have shoved in my face. I am glad I have over indulged because I have blooming well enjoyed all the delicious treats and takeaways.

I cannot get over how repulsed I was by my own body, the body which kept my baby boy safe and healthy whilst he grew inside me. Surely that should of been enough for me to not give a shit about anything else except him and just enjoy him instead of being soo obsessed with how I looked. I feel so ashamed of myself looking back on how I used to be. I do believe it has made me the person I am today.

Even though now I am at a weight I am not comfortable with I still LOVE my body. I am happier than I have ever been and that’s because I have learnt to love myself.

Healthy happy me


A lot of people have actually said I look much better and healthier with the weight I am at and like I mentioned previously, I am not. So I have re-joined Slimming world and I will shift those pesky pounds. I am currently a 12/14 and my goal is a size 8/10.

I will try my upmost hardest to keep you all updated on my journey, I do post a lot on my Insta stories so if you are not already following me on there then please go and do so for updates. 🙂 Click here for my Instagram

My first time giving blood

For two years now I have been wanting to give blood but it just never happened, mainly down to pure laziness on my behalf. Just before Christmas I received a letter from the NHS plus a push from my sister that prompted me to go online and book my appointment, and today I went and I really wanted to tell you all about my experience.


Booking My Appointment

I found it very straight forward and easy to do. Visit their website and simply sign up as a new donor. Before you can register, you will need to answer a short questionnaire to see if you are eligible to go ahead.

Once you have passed this part and have made an account, you will be able to select the location, date and time which is more convenient to you.

When you have completed this you will receive a text and an email confirmation, and it is as simple as that.

The day before my appointment I received a text message which read, ‘with your first donation, it is more important than ever to prepare’, and underneath it included a link with more information to make your blood donation pleasant, safe and straightforward.

On the morning I received another text message with a friendly reminder to make sure I eat and drink plenty of water before I came in, which I thought was nice.

On the day

I was greeted by a friendly member of staff who gave me an information booklet to read and highly advised me to drink 500 ml of water before my donation. I had not long put the leaflet down before I was called to go into one of the cubicles, which is where they go over your medical questionnaire again and do a finger prick test to check that iron levels are good.


It was quite cool as they pop a drop of your blood in a specimen bottle filled with a blue liquid  (copper sulphate solution of defined specific gravity). If your blood is heavy enough to sink you are unlikely to be anemic and can give blood. If it does not sink then you could be anemic or at the lower end of the range, but that doesn’t necessarily mean you are anemic as they set the iron level high so it doesn’t drop below normal after the donation.


I was taken to sit in a chair outside the cubicle whilst they prepared the equipment basket ready for my donation and then walked over to the blue chair. It only took her a few minutes to stick labels on etc and then she started to prepare my arm by giving it a good clean with antiseptic, which smelled so good.

I tried my hardest to not look at the other people who were already donating as I knew this would make me feel light headed but it was so hard not to. They all looked very comfortable sitting there doing a great deed and I was so excited to be part of it.

You are given another leaflet to read when you’re sat in the chair regarding exercises you can do whilst your donating to help the blood flow faster. It had things like clench your buttocks, pelvic floors, keep crossing your legs and changing them over and opening and closing your hand. I asked the nurse how long the donation would take and her answer was anything between 5 and 10 minutes.

So, so far so good. Then I saw the needle and I am not going to lie, it was much bigger than when you have a blood test; kind of like a mini straw. It didn’t hurt going in as it’s very sharp and designed to keep the vein open for a good flow of blood, I was however, not prepared for this part as I stupidly assumed it would be a normal sized needle. Also, once it was in my vein it just felt tight in my arm, but hey ho, it was in now and I was doing what I came to do and that was to donate my blood.

While I was sat there, I was trying to not look at everyone else but curiosity killed the cat and very nearly myself as I saw it sticking out of my arm. Well that was it and after a few minutes I started feeling really fuzzy and my heart felt like it was going to jump out of my chest. I tried to grab someones attention as I was not feeling good at all but the next thing I know, I was waking up with the chair right back, my legs up in the air and my head towards the floor to get the oxygen back to my head (think Graham Norton’s red chair).

They took the needle out of my arm straight away and that was where my donation ended.

I managed to give 330 ml of my blood however it was 100 ml short of a donation, which needed to be 430 ml. I was so disappointed in myself and felt so guilty that I had wasted their equipment when my donation wouldn’t be able to be used on a person. I did feel better once I was told it may be used in student training.

Once I felt well enough to get out of the chair I was given some leaflets with how to look after yourself when you have given blood and also another one because I had fainted. The nurse led me over to the refreshment table where I choose some popcorn and a glass of squash before I left to pick the kids up from school.


I will be definitely be trying to donate again in 16 weeks as this is the time frame required between donations.

My mum has always told me if I am happy enough to receive blood and for my kids to receive blood then you should give it if you are able too, which is what encouraged me to go.

I am also a rare blood type O Rhesus Negative, which means anyone can receive my blood in an emergency without their blood group being tested first.

I am definitely NOT put off by my experience, as overall the staff were great and made me feel very comfortable. It was just simply the fact that I was not prepared for the size of the needle and seeing everyone’s arms out casually with the needles in. I wholeheartedly take my hat off to anyone who makes time to go and give blood.

I know money is a big thing for the NHS but I do think for first time donors who are very queasy around blood like myself but want to donate, to maybe turn the end chair around 90 degrees so you have the back of the chair to the rest of the room, so you cannot see everyone else.