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My DIY on a budget Kitchen makeover

I have been so excited about writing this post and showing you guys what I have been up to. My favourite group on Facebook  is a group called DIY ON A BUDGET. I am obsessed…

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Primary school online resources to aid home schooling

We are all going through a really tough time right now and with the school closures happening we are all having to keep our little cherubs educated and entertained at home.

I have put together a list of online resources to help you if you are struggling with activities to do, some of the websites will require a printer and others do not.

Twinkl Printer require

My kid’s school actually use twinkl within the school and Twinkl have kindly given parents and carers a months FREE membership using the code : UKTWINKLHELPS

Mrs Mactivity – Printer required

FREE home learning pack available along with other FREE resources like  colouring pages. Full membership for a year is a one off payment of £19.97 should you want full access.

Purple Mash Most schools are signed up to this which means your child will have their username and password in their planners, If not you can sign up to a 14 day free trial 

Phonics Play– Are offering a months FREE membership using username: March20 Password: home

Reading eggs– Most schools are signed up to this which means your child should have their username and password in their planners, If not you can sign up to a 14 day free trial

Numbots  Most schools are signed up to this which means your child should have their username and password in their planners. If not unfortunately there isn’t an option to sign up yet as a parent/carer.

Spelling Shed– Most schools are signed up to this which means your child should have their username and password in their planners, If not you can sign up to a 14 day free trial

Oxford Owl–  FREE Ebooks,simply sign up and go

Activity Villiage– Printer required

FREE home learning packs , Full membership for a year is a one off payment of £19.95 if you wish to go ahead

ProdigyFREE math’s learning platform with an option to to upgrade to premium if you wish

Busythings- 1 Months access for £1 using the code: HOME1FOR1

Classroom SecretsFREE interactive resources and home learning packs

Cosmic Kids yogaFREE and great for you and your kids mental well being

PE with Joe Wicks- FREE daily PE videos from Joe Wicks

Learning ResourceFREE Printable and online resources for 2-11 year olds.

Hopster.Tv- Play and Learn app for 2-7 year olds. One month FREE trial and then £4.99 a month should you wish to continue.

World of David WalliamsFREE downloadable activities and resources

Minecraft- FREE educational lessons to help kids stuck in Quarantine, Until June 30th 2020

If you know of anymore websites I can add to this which will help, please could you send me a quick email on with the details and I will add it to the list.


None of these are affiliate links, I wanted to do my part and help gather this information in one place for you . 



AD |How Many Times Can You Claim Compensation from the CICA

Claiming criminal injury compensation can be a long process. Due to the sensitive nature of the situation, the Criminal Injuries Compensation Authority only allows victims to claim once for each criminal incident.

Cica compensation

Can you reopen a CICA claim?

It may be possible to reopen a CICA claim if you appeal against the decision within the appropriate time frame. Victims may be able to reopen compensation claims on medical grounds if their condition resulting from the injury worsens significantly. Some conditions might not manifest for several years after the victim’s original CICA claim was awarded. However, you cannot attempt to make a new claim for the same criminal injury that you already claimed compensation for. Doing so could result in you being prosecuted for fraud.

Can I make a CICA claim if one was already made for me?

In some cases, a parent or adult guardian may submit a CICA claim on behalf of a child victim. The victim will then not be able to make their own CICA claim when they turn 18. Again, if symptoms resulting from the criminal injury get much worse when the child has become an adult, they may be able to request that the CICA reopen their case and review the original award. If a CICA claim was made on your behalf when you were a child, you can access the money when you turn 18 years old, unless you requested advance payments.  

Can I get multiple CICA payments?

In short: no. The CICA seeks to prevent what they call “double recovery” – which is when a claimant is compensated twice for the same claim. Multiple injuries may be considered as part of a claim, with the 3 injuries with the highest-value tariffs used to calculate the final award. This is usually 100%, then 30%, then 15% of the top 3 criminal injury compensation tariffs. Payment will then be made in one lump sum rather than via multiple instalments.

If you also claim financial support in the form of state benefits or insurance relating to loss of earnings due to your injury, then the CICA may deduct such expenses from your award total. In some cases, the CICA will make an interim payment if they are unable to make a decision while they wait for your medical condition to settle. For applicants under 18 years old, the CICA usually holds their compensation in an account until they become an adult. However, they can apply for advance payments if needed for the individual’s education or welfare.

Will I have to repay my CICA award?

Up until the CICA makes the final payment, they may reconsider the award if they need to account for changes in circumstances or new evidence. If the CICA has already made a final payment, they have the right to request partial or full repayment of the award if they find that your claim was not completed properly. This could be due to your failure to declare another payment that should have been deducted from your award, deliberately misleading the CICA about your claim, or failing to cooperate with the authorities to bring the criminal to justice.

Review | UniVerse collectible surprise unicorns

Ad/gifted products- We received these products in exchange for the purpose of this review, all thoughts and opinions are our own

UniVerse Surprise toys retail for £5 each and there are over 40 of these cute little Unicorns to collect.

UniVerse is an emoji inspired soft cloud toy and inside the cloud there are four blind bags to reveal, but how do we get to the blind bags?

Simply submerge the cute little cloud into a bowl of warm water and after a few seconds you will see the water change colour and the cloud starting to disintegrate leaving sticky slime and revealing your bags.

You will need to grab a tea towel for this part as it can get very sticky, the bags are all safely protected in a sealed bag which you will need to open to take your surprise’s out of. I would also lay something on the table as It can get a bit messy with the slime.

Both girls had so much fun opening the bags especially when they saw the Unicorns, they LOVE unicorns. In each cloud surprise you will get one unicorn , a pet, two accessories and scratch card with that particular unicorns likes, dislikes and favorite food. You can also swap and change the accessories with another Uni-Verse Unicorn if you have ‘un-boxed’ more than one.

You can use the Unicorns horn to reveal your scratch card but Emily wanted to use a scratchy pen that she already had. They love going through the collectors guide to see what their Unicorns names are and what type of rarity they are.

Who did we get?

This one is called Super Stariana from superstar city and she loves bows, dislikes hot sauce and her favourite food is toffee apples

This one is called Jam-Boree Jamie and she is from sweet treats landing. She loves palm trees, dislikes scratching and her favourite food is sponge cake.

Meet Anne- Artica from Mist-terious land, she is a translucent Unicorn. She loves snowmen, dislikes the sun and her favourite food is hot chocolate.

And last but not least we have Dilly Dolly Dotty from Funtasy land. She is extra unique and she loves socks, dislikes combs and her favourite food is pie.

What we thought:

The girls loved that you had to submerge the cloud into warm water to get to the surprise bags but didn’t like the slime or the smell of the slime, however, the Unicorns and accessories made it all worth it at the end and they love playing with them. I  think these are worth the £5 price tag but I wouldn’t pay anymore for them.

How to prepare for a long car journey with kids

During the 2019 summer holidays, we travelled down to Cornwall for the week with the kids which is a five, six-hour journey from where we live. Unfortunately, an hour into our return journey, David’s cambelt blew as we were driving which instantly wrote the car off leaving us stranded for 3-4 hours which sucked. However, it gave me a great idea for a blog post .

Before you leave:

  • Make sure you have breakdown cover and it’s up to date.
  • Get yourself a Dash cam to record your journey in case of any accidents, we used a Nextbase 422GW*.
  • Make sure you have a spare Tyre in your boot ( depending on the age of your car, newer car’s don’t come with a spare Tyre) or get yourself a Tyre inflator ( we also experience a slow puncture whilst we were there and used our Ring tyre inflator* which did the job)
  • Check your oil and water.

Handy tips for the journey:

  • Go to the loo before you leave and take regular breaks to stretch their legs and for more toilet breaks.
  • We fully charged our power banks and took plenty of USB leads with us- Kept both our phones fully charged and managed to fully charge the kid’s tablets more than once.
  • Fully charge the tablets the night before you leave.
  • I packed the kids a backpack each which included a blanket, sunglasses, colouring book, notebook, colouring pencils and their headphones.
  • Pack plenty of snacks.
  • We were sent Hydro flasks* each for our family holiday which are absolutely amazing and kept our drinks nice and cold for hours. We filled them up at every stop and I packed a little Squash’d concentrate bottle which made up to 20 drinks.
  • Take toilet roll and a portable potty if you still have one just in case they are busting but there’s nowhere to stop for miles.
  • Play car games like eye-spy, guess the song by humming, spot the yellow car, alphabet memory game etc
  • Pack lots of their favourite Cd’s or a USB stick with them on if you do not have a Cd player in the car like us.
  • Pack spare clothes, plastic bags, alcohol gel and tissues and keep them close in case of any travel sickness.

I was gifted the items with an * next to them in return for inclusion in this post