Astonish Grease buster

Why I love astonish grease buster and I love to clean so much, I find it therapeutic.

When my house is a mess, I feel like my head is a mess and I get really moody and irritated. But when my house is tidy, clean and organised my head feels amazing I feel so cleansed and organised and it just makes me feel damn good!

I have been buying even more cleaning products recently and my latest purchase was the Astonish grease buster 99p from QD, it is no doubt AMAZING! I used it today to clean my cooker and all you need to do is give whatever you are cleaning a few sprays, wait a minute and then it wipes off with hot soapy water just look at this result below.

Check this out.Astonish grease buster Astonish grease buster Astonish grease buster Astonish grease buster

Astonish do a huge range of cleaning products and I am a total addict to buying their products, there are so many different products from floor cleaners, Limescale removers, mould and mildew, daily shower shine, HANDSOAP and they even do car care.

If you haven’t tried it then you are definitely missing out. It’s cheap, It works, it’s vegan-friendly and cruelty-free which is a huge selling point for a massive part of our population.

I honestly love this product and I do not feel bad at all that my cupboard under the sink is ram jam full of it If I had it my way I would have more cupboards filled with it but unfortunately there has to be a line drawn somewhere and I do not need the amout of cleaning products I have. At least if there was an apocalypse or something my house would be spotless.


*Astonish grease buster was purchased and reviewed by myself and is not endorsed by Astonish.


  1. Tracy Nixon

    I need this (and someone to clean my oven lol)

  2. Margaret Gallagher

    Love ASTONISH – Cheap effective always gets the job done

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