We’re getting a puppy

Our new puppy

Now we are finished having babies we decided now is a perfect time to introduce a new pet into our family home, so we decided on a little labrador puppy so the children could grow up with her and we had read about their good temperament around children.

We found the most beautiful little Labrador pup which we are picking up very soon and I am so excited but panicking as I am not a very outdoorsy person and I don’t like the smell of poo nor do I like pet hair so what the hell am I doing! Luckily I have my trusty Dyson which I use 3 times a day so I am really relying on that bad boy.

I originally only wanted a smaller dog to get me out the house as I am a hermit but my god when I met this little one I fell in love and just had to have her, not even thinking about how big she will grow or how smelly her poo would be.

I am now searching the net for any hints, tips and puppy training, so any advice people can give me will be gratefully received, please.

Here is our little Duchess Rosie May but Rosie for short. (Lydia added the may part on).

Isn’t she just the cutest little puppy in the world. I think to myself what the hell am I getting myself in to and the commitment needed for a pet but then her cuteness takes over me and I think I dont care I want her and I will do everything and anything to make sure she is happy with us, even if that means going out in the cold and walking her 3 times a day and picking up stinky poops.


Make sure to come back for updates on how Rosie is growing up.


  1. I would really love a puppy and I would have to choose a lab too! They make such great pets! But yes, the hair is something else!

  2. Steve

    A brilliantly written piece I loved reading it

    • Joanne

      Thank you Steve 🙂

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