Pre op


(This photo was taken 2 minutes before I walked down to surgery)

I had been wearing braces now for 14 months and even though I had encountered the most horrific and painful mouth ulcers I had ever experienced with the brackets catching on the bracket and ripping them open.

I have thoroughly enjoyed watching my teeth change and my confidence bloom, It’s funny because my overbite was growing bigger as my teeth were straightening up but I felt amazing because I knew what was happening next would truly change my life.

My pre-op appointment took place a week before my big day on the 28th December 2016. My Orthodontist explained what was going to happen in this appointment.

Firstly he took a mould of my teeth, which surprisingly wasn’t that disgusting pink putty stuff. It was a camera which scanned around my teeth and then a 3D image of my teeth appeared on his screen, it was brilliant to see.

I then got sent for some Xrays to make I was 100% ready for my Surgery, which I was and then I was sent down to have my pre-op photographs taken.

Next appointment was a week later and at that appointment was my medical pre-op to make sure I was fit and healthy for my big day.

Here is the Video I made the night before my double jaw surgery.

I also have a blog on my facebook page about my whole journey so far which has more detailed and thorough posts. You can be directed to my page if you click here.

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  1. Laura Turner

    Gosh – what an awful experience. Glad your through it now though!

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