Double jaw surgery – Operation day and Recovery

Double jaw surgery day January 17th, 2017

A day I had been looking forward to for 14 months, a day that I was counting down for.

I slept surprisingly well the night before surgery, I had to be at the hospital at 7 am. I had done the weeks shop and prepared a meal plan for my partner. I had organised the kid’s clothes they were going to wear daily so David didn’t have to rummage too much to find a matching outfit/s.

I woke up, french braided my hair and rang a taxi. The hardest part was saying goodbye to my babies because when I come home I would look very different. I kissed them goodbye and cried my eyes out all the way there.

I checked in the day surgery unit and then had a good 6-hour wait. I took my word search book which kept me occupied for short periods, but then I had a little panic attack as reality was setting in and I was about to have my Jaws broken.

David had turned up to wait with me once he had got the kids to school and I just held his hand so tight I was really getting scared as midday was approaching as that’s when my surgery would be.

Before I knew it my name was called and I was asked to go and get my gown on. It was literally 5 minutes from having my name called to me kissing him goodbye and walking down to surgery crying and shaking. The walls were soo white and clinical and there was hardly anyone about.

I laid on the bed whilst I was having some checks done and before I knew it the cannula was in and I was waking up in recovery.

Straight after my Double jaw surgery
These are some of the pictures David took whilst I was still under
Double Jaw Surgery and Le fort 1

I woke up in HDU and I remember seeing my mum and David briefly (around 7 pm)  before falling asleep seconds later and not waking up again till 2 am when I needed a wee.

I felt so sick from the general but I was too scared to be sick because both my jaws were broken and I didn’t want to damage them any more than what they were, so I breathed through it. I managed to drink through a straw straight away but my throat was so sore from the breathing tube it made me not want to.

I didn’t see my swollen face until I was on the ward later that day but my god I could feel how heavy my head was. Fortunately, because of the anaesthetic, I didn’t feel any pain, just the weight of my face.

When David got to the hospital I remember asking him if he had taken any photos of me just after surgery and I was so happy when he said he had ( the above photos) I would have been so gutted if he hadn’t.

On day one, I managed to eat some ice cream, jelly, soup and drink a cup of tea.

If you want to see what my teeth looked like before here is the link to the beginning of my journey.

Day 1

Day 2

Day 3 ( Peak of the swelling )

Day 4

Day 5

Day 6

Day 15

6-week post op

10 weeks post op

9 Months post op

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