The appointment

All my life I have had misaligned teeth for as long as I can remember. I was embarrassed and had no confidence, I felt ugly and very unhappy with how I looked until my double jaw surgery journey began.

I felt like people were staring at my teeth when I talked or when I stopped at a traffic light I used to hide my face as I thought the person in the car next to me was looking at how ugly I was and staring at my goofy teeth. In my group of friends at the time, I was blatantly the ugly one even though none of them said that to me it was just how I felt.

I was called goof troop, buck teeth and all sorts of nasty names at school and that I would never get a boyfriend.

When I was 11 I was running in the school hallway and I tripped over a carpet door strip which was raised. I smashed my face on the hard floor and broke half of my 2 front teeth off.  My dad rushed me to the dentist who fixed them for me by filing them down and replacing with crowns. At 12 I received my braces and I hated them, I didn’t brush my teeth properly, I never wore my elastics and to be honest it was a complete waste of my dads time as he was the one driving me to all the appointments, Sorry daddy.

Fast forward to 2015 (28 years old) after years of feeling unconfident I booked myself in for a free Invisalign appointment as I was desperate to do something about it now. I went to my appointment excited thinking this was it, I’m going to get the smile I have always wanted, to then be completely shattered when he told me Invisalign wouldn’t work for me as my jaws are misaligned and I would need Jaw surgery if I wanted that smile I had always dreamt of. He said it would be covered on the NHS because of how big my overbite was (11cm at the time). In order for him to proceed with referring me I would need to pay £100 for x-ray’s as it was a private clinic but then he could refer me on to the hospital so without a doubt I paid and he did what he said he would do and a few weeks later I received a appointment for 6 months time which was June 2015.

I was a nervous wreck, this was my last chance of getting nice teeth and i didn’t know if the consultant orthodontist was going to say yes or no. I remember feeling really sick on the way there, I didn’t talk that morning and i know this sounds a bit OTT but it felt like my life was depending on this.

The orthodontist sent me for more x-rays and did allsorts of checks with my jaw and measurements of my overbite and then started to explain my treatment plan.

OH MY GIDDY AUNT as much as i hated my smile it was the biggest and gummiest it had ever been when he said he would start by expanding my top palette with a helix expander and then i would have bottom braces first and then 4 weeks later i would get my top brace but first i would need 5 root canals and 4 extractions which I had done all in one go, eeek.

I had to wait 3 long months until my treatment started but i didn’t mind at all, i felt on top of the world and I cried all the way home.

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