A dog is for life, not just for Christmas

Me and my partner decided we were finished having children, we have 3 altogether and a cat called Phoebe so I had this brilliant idea of getting a dog. To be fair I wanted to look in Woodgreen animal shelter where we got Phoebe from but David said If we were to get a dog it would be best getting one from a puppy because of how young the girls are. I found myself online every night looking for puppies for sale, I was looking at Shitzhu’s and Maltese dogs you know the little cute white fluffy ones that DONT supposedly malt.

We travelled to see a cockapoo puppy but I hate to say it, I just didn’t feel like she was the one so off we went home, however, whilst we were driving David was talking about Labrador’s and instantly I said no they’re too big and just no no no until he told me to google them and he was explaining to me how good they are with children and how easy they are to train. So I had a look and I saw some Labrador puppies for sale advertised in the area we were driving through so I quickly called and asked if we could pop over and have a look. Straight away the man said yes sure he was in now and that he would text me his address instantly, that was a good sign for me in the way that he didn’t try and defer it 30 minutes to you know quickly ‘Clean up’

As we arrived I kept my options open and we were taken through to the Kennels and I was passed the most gorgeous beautiful golden puppy she literally melted my heart and at that moment I didn’t care about the chewing and the size or anything else, all I knew was I had to have her and it was love at first sight. We put our deposit down and the hardest part was having to walk away from her until she was ready to leave the following week. Her name is Duchess Rosie May

Fast forward to now (5 months old) and JEEEEZ what have I let myself in for.

  • She eats her own shit
  • She eats other dogs shit inc rabbits
  • She chews my rug and everything in sight
  • She nips and puts holes in our clothing
  • She eats the cat little and cat food as soon as the door is open
  • She chases the cat and scares the shit out of her
  • She tries to steal food off our plate
  • I have to get up of my ass and take her walkies 3 times a day in the cold
  • Her breath stinks like something else!
  • She has a crazy running fit in and out the garden and jumps all over the sofa with muddy and sometimes shitty paws if she’s run in her poo she has just made.
  • She chews my beautiful rug
  • I get shit in my nails from where the bag breaks outside whilst picking up her crap
  • Training is consistent and time-consuming
  • She takes the kids toys and legs it into the garden
  • Her Farts STINK!!

The Good

  • She looks at me in the most special way
  • When I sit on the floor she will always come and lay in my lap without me prompting her
  • She gives me high fives
  • When I have been out for a little while as I don’t leave her for long she is so excited to see me and I get showered with Kiss’s
  • She has helped my mental health with getting out the house and walking her and talking to people
  • She is keeping me fit
  • I love how when we lay on the sofa she puts her little paw over me
  • I love how dependent she is on me and that I am her mummy
  • When I get up in the morning and come down to let her out she is super happy to see me
  • I love the smell of her ( not when shes rolled in shit)
  • How she stays and leaves her food until I give her the command to Go
  • I just love her so much and even though I moan about her behaviour she is still a baby, my baby and she didn’t choose to live with us, we chose her.

So when it get’s tough just remember that like I have to remember that. I am so used to having a clean home that bringing a dog into the house has really threw me but It is actually really fun and Rosie is so affectionate.

You can also follow her on Instagram: Duchess_rosie for updates




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  1. Christina Curtis

    Haha, Puppys are insane. We have an 8 Month Old Cocker Spaniel and she is Nuts but you wouldn’t change them would you such lovely personalities and they grow so fast!

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