Hungry hippos by Hasbro review

Hasbro’s Hungry Hippos and our review 

My Daughter Lyddy received this game for her 5th present of her grandma and we couldn’t wait to start playing, she is now at that age where she is understanding games and rules and really enjoys getting involved.

Setting up

Hungry hippos is easy to assemble, you simply click the hippo’s on the base and you are ready to play.

Object of the game

The object of the game is to eat the most marbles, You all pick what colour Hippo you want to be and when the game starts you keep pressing your launcher until there are no marbles left. There is also a 2nd way to play the game, where there is a single golden marble and whoever eats the golden ball first wins.

The Hippo’s names are:


The game is 2-4 players and Age 3+

Hungry hippos come with 19 red marbles,1 golden marble, the base, 4 hippo’s and instructions.

Packing the game away

The hippos simply click off and sit in a certain position on top of the base ( picture on instructions to show how) the marbles are stored in a little round storage pott that is attached underneath the base.


My family really enjoyed playing this game together and my 2 girls who are 3 and 5 played for a good 10-15minutes together with no fighting and screaming so that is a result its self.

Hungry hippos by Hasbro is currently retailing at £12.99 from most toy stockists and would make an ideal Christmass present.

I will also be adding this to my Christmas gift guide which will be published at the end of November.

I have also added a video of my partner and 2 daughters playing this game and as you can hear there is plenty of fun fun fun.

***This game was a gift of a family member and not sent from Hasbro. This review is of my own only***

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  1. I remember playing this game when i was younger! My boys love Hungry Hippo’s and it looks like yours enjoy it too!

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