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Dear Zoo

When my eldest attended primary school, they didn’t participate in world book day like the girls school do an. Making costumes and being creative is something I was excited to do as a mum.

For Lydia’s first world book day the theme was to dress up as an animal from their favorite book.

I wanted something different that no-one else would of thought of.

I trawled online and an outfit in particular jumped out at me from the book Dear Zoo by Rod Campbell, there were no others like it.

It was perfect and best of all it was easy and cheap to recreate.

What you will need:

My sister had a monkey dress up costume so I borrowed that from her Or you could pop down to your local George, Tesco, Primark and pick up brown leggings and a top from there basic range for a couple of quid.

You will also need an A2 piece of card, I brought this in red because I couldn’t be bothered with the hassle of painting it. It cost me about £2 from The Range.

  • A piece of plain white paper.
  • Scissors
  • Pritt Stick
  • A piece of ribbon
  • Brown eyebrow pencil or face paint
  • Ruler

The majority of what you need is probably laying around your house anyway. It took me 10 minutes to make and it was done.

The next day I was more excited than her to go to school to see all the children (and adults) costume and she was the only one from Dear zoo. We was also very happy as she had won best dress up in her year group which was awesome considering this was a very last minute idea.


world book day

I wanted to share this with you as you could also go on to  expand on this and be any of the other animal from Dear Zoo, not just a monkey.  It opens up a wide range of unique little costumes you can recreate from other books. Just follow this concept and think outside the box.


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World book day costume


  1. Margaret Gallagher

    What a FAB idea – looking great

  2. Kayleigh Watkins

    Oh wow!! What a great costume, my daughters school are the only ones in our area that don’t celebrate world book day xx

  3. Anthea Holloway

    This is a super idea and not too costly either. Well done!

  4. Lynn Neal

    Great outfit to match a great book!

  5. paula cheadle

    I love seeing all the kids dressed up

  6. Rebecca Whatmore

    Great idea – very cute!

  7. Kim Neville

    Fantastic idea and looks really good.

  8. Tee Simpson

    I love this idea for one of my favourite books.

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